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New Outer Banks Bridge Moving Forward?

[caption id="attachment_3359" align="alignleft" width="164" caption="Mid-Currituck Bridge"] [/caption] Another public hearing has been held regarding the construction of the Mid-Currituck bridge. More than 60 people showed up to the hearing, and it seemed that even though the group was rather small, each had very strong opinions about the bridge. Yvonne Avery, who lives in Aydlett, noted that the North Carolina Turnpike Authority had assured property owners and businesses that they would be made whole with fair compensation if the bridge displaced them. The small mainland community with expansive views of the Currituck Sound would be at the western terminus of the bridge. “When you change a community’s way of life, how can you make that whole again?” she asked. On the other side of the Argument, Mayor Hal Denny of Southern Shores is in favor of the project due to the amount of traffic that the town sees as a result of traffic to Corolla. The project is expected to cost anywhere from $600 million to $816 million, with a toll that will range from $6 to $12.  Other arguments included a county commisioner saying that our area desperately needs this bridge due to the fact that police cars will be able to travel to Corolla in 10 minutes rather than driving the hour long commute.  Here is a brief recap of the proposed project according to the North Carolina Turnpike Authority: Description New location roadway, including a proposed bridge over the Currituck Sound, from Currituck County mainland to the Currituck County Outer Banks. Length Approximately 7.0 miles Estimated Cost Preliminary cost is estimated at $659.2 million. Final costs will be determined during design. Free alternate route Existing US 158 across the Wright Memorial Bridge, then NC 12. Timeline Draft Environmental Impact Statement Completed Final Environmental Impact Statement 3rd Quarter 2010 Record of Decision 4th Quarter 2010 Project Open to Traffic Late 2014

Friday, May 21, 2010

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