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Outer Banks Surf Update 2.15.11

[caption id="attachment_4053" align="alignleft" width="259" caption="Matt Lusk - Hurricane Earl Outer Banks Surf"] [/caption] We've hit the tail end of February. Spring is right around the corner...possibly early if you believe that furry prognosticator Phil.  The birds are starting to chirp and the OBX weather is starting to warm up.  I hear it could be 70 degrees by the end of the week?! For any of the hardcore Outer Banks surf enthusiasts that brave the frigid elements to surf through the winter, keep on keep'n on (Ah hem, I'll include myself in this category this year...every year is different depending on one's motivational level.).  For all of those fair weather fans, time to start dusting off the board...and your wetsuit...the water will still be chilly for a while.  To help with your level of motivation, here's a quick update on the OBX surf scene. 1. ESPN ran a great segment titled "Characters of the Outer Banks" that does an amazing job touching on all of the aspects of the Outer Banks surf world...professional riders, free riders, filmmakers, photographers, shapers, living legends.  The OBX has them all, and ESPN offers a great gallery of pictures and overviews of the characters that add so much character to OBX surfing. 2. Last year (2010) a relatively unknown kid from the OBX stormed into Hawaii and nailed a perfect 10 at the Volcom Pipeline Pro. And Brett Barley's star was born.  Brett returned to Pipe this year, but he, and his board, didn't fare so well.  But at the end of the day, he's surfing in Hawaii while the OBX has 39 degree water temps, so we can't really feel bad for him. Below is a quick video of Brett's highlights and his explanation of his demolished board.


3. Let's stay on the topic of Mr. Barley. Matt Lusk (fab local surf photog...also covered in the Outer Banks Characters link above) just reported on his blog that he and Brett scored the cover of the magazine Local Sessions for the Feb/March issue.  Congrats on another cover Matt, and a huge thumbs up to Brett for his fist cover!  How could this be Brett's first cover?! Brett, get in front of that lens dude.  The issue also includes a "Behind the Lens" interview with Matt.


[caption id="attachment_4866" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Matt Lusk, Bett Barley - Local Sessions"] [/caption]

4. To round out the Outer Banks Surf Update, let's see what local surf pro Jesse Hines is up to.  Ah, a road trip.  In the biggest sense of the term road trip...half way around the world to New Zeland. Surfer Magazine recently uploaded a video titled "Restless Road 2" that highlights a recent surf trip Jesse took with Mike Losness and Peter Devries.  The website doesn't offer much intro to the video, but I can tell you it offers a surfers view of some amazing landscape and even better waves.  Well worth the watch.  You can find the video here.

4A. But traveling around the world isn't enough for Mr. Hines.  Somehow Jesse also finds time for a fledgling music career.  The Wave, a newspaper out of Delaware, recently caught up with Jesse while he was on the road promoting his new CD "In the Right Time." You can find Jesse music on his MySpace page.


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