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Outer Banks Cinemagraphs: Avalon Pier Open for Business!

Two months without an OBX cinemagraph?! Far too long. In January, I debuted a new blog item for us, Outer Banks Cinemagraphs. Super cool picture/video thingys. Basically a still picture with a subtle bit of motion. We've shared OBX Wind Energy at Jennette's Pier, and an OBX Seagull In Flight. Both were rough first attempts, but I think we are making progress. No good reason for such a long drought without an OBX Cinemagraph, other than my interest hasn't been peaked. The beaches have be calm and quiet. But spring is here and the activity is picking up. I get the sense that we'll have all sorts of cinemagraph opportunities. Today we are honoring the 2012 Season Opening of the Avalon Pier! Yep, the Avalon Pier is officially open for business for 2012. And here's an OBX Cinemagraph to pay homage to one of our favorite OBX piers. Tip: Take a look at the flag. See it moving?! Cool, right? :) Stay tuned…there’s more to come. [caption id="attachment_8905" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="Outer Banks Cinemagraph: Avalon Pier Open for Business"] [/caption]

Monday, March 26, 2012

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