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Outer Banks Blue Mind: Seaside Vacations are Healthy for Your Mind - New Scientific Evidence!

[caption id="attachment_9313" align="alignleft" width="231" caption="2012 Outer Banks Blue Mind Poster"] [/caption] I've been clamoring for a while now about the amazing Blue Mind conference - BLUEMiND2 Summit. Top neuroscientists from around the country converging on the Outer Banks for a conference focused on the strong connection between the mind and the ocean - all while overlooking the mighty Atlantic at the gorgeous Jennette's Pier. The perfect Blue Mind marriage. Preparations for the conference are going great - we've started a pilot research program, we have an amazing lineup of speakers, we're rallying some great supporting sponsors (we need more, though. :)), and we'll be rolling out a press release very soon. It's awesome to see it all coming together. Hats of to J for creating the Blue Mind awareness and being the force behind the Blue Mind ideas and momentum - if you don't know J, check out this video from Nautica. My heart belongs to BLUEMiND, but this post is focused on another ocean oriented research project. Research that helps confirm the Blue Mind beliefs perfectly, and in the big picture, this research really is part of the Blue Mind revolution just getting underway. Last night, J sent me a link to an article on Science Daily that demonstrates that "Being beside the seaside is good for you." These ideas seem so intuitive, but now we're starting to generate the scientific evidence to back-up this intuition. Awesome! The study was conducted by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH), Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, and the School of Psychology, University of Plymouth over a two year period, and it focused on 2750 respondents. The findings were presented on April 19 to the British Psychological Society Annual Conference. The study determined that time spent at the coast has more psychologically positive effects than being in other natural environments such as in an urban park or in the country. Researchers determined that being near the sea had the most calming and relaxing effect on participants across all ages. A few great quotes from the Science Daily article: Exercise in the open air is good for you, but if you want to reap the full benefits you should head for the coast. All outdoor locations were associated with positive feelings (enjoyment, calmness, refreshment), but visits to the coast were most beneficial. Dr White, a lecturer in health and risk from the ECEHH, says: "There is a lot of work on the beneficial effects of visiting natural environments, but our findings suggest it is time to move beyond a simple urban vs rural debate and start looking at the effect that different natural environments have on people's health and well-being." Blue Mind indeed! The Blue Mind revolution is underway, and we are extremely excited to have the Outer Banks as one of the main focal points of this cutting-edge research.

Friday, April 20, 2012

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