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Outer Banks Halloween Activities: Psychopath Haunted Trail

By now, you’re probably aware the Outer Banks can be a haunting place to visit in the off season. From pirates and tales of ghostly shipwrecks, to Halloween-specific events like Trick or Treat Under the Sea (great for the kiddos) and Psychopath (better for adults), there are plenty of ways in which the Outer Banks becomes just a little “spookier” after dark. In this post, we’re going to explore the hauntingly good time found at Psychopath – located in Fort Raleigh Park in Manteo, NC. One of our very own ventured out last weekend to see what all the hype was about regarding Psychopath. She loves Halloween (and was fortunate enough to win tickets from a local Outer Banks radio station), so it seemed to be the perfect way to spend her Saturday evening It was a chilly evening when she and her husband made the trek to Manteo. After picking up their tickets, they proceeded down the dark trail to wait in line. It was quickly discovered that Psychopath was a popular Outer Banks Halloween event – as the line already contained several dozen patrons waiting to be scared. After a 45-minute wait, they arrived at the front of the line. Groups of six people were let in at a time. (Small groups = big scare factor.) Following a brief introduction by a somewhat scary woman with a haunting voice, the self-guided tour of the haunted trail began. The first place they found themselves was a pitch black room lit only by black lights. Wandering through the room. It took some time before their eyes adjusted to the enveloping darkness. However, they quickly discovered that trouble was lurking around every bend. Next up was a black room with tiny colored lights polka-dotting the wall. After quickly taking in the room – and trying to determine where the next zombie was coming from, they realized that part of the wall was moving. MOVING. Upon closer inspection, they could make out the faint outline of a person clad in a black leotard-like jumpsuit with the exact same colored lights all over their body. Not very scary, but very cool. Beyond the psychedelic light room, they found themselves in a narrow hallway with mirrors on both sides. Seems innocent enough (I mean, you can see yourself, and not dead people, right?) – until the faint sound of someone singing of “ Ring around the Rosie ” started coming from somewhere. Where? They weren’t sure….as there were nothing but mirrors all around. They decided to pick up the pace and as they approached the end of the hallway, a woman in a long white gown made her presence known – following the group with her creepy tune. The group has now found themselves outside again where the pass a creepy guy playing a ditty on this banjo. Down the boardwalk they went – passing the Roanoke Sound along the way (are those people on the dock?!?) – when they came to a wooden shack sort of building where someone was behind big thick plastic sheeting dismembering someone…or some THING. Loud hacking noises, screams and blood splatters were enough to get the group quickly on their way to what lay ahead. And what lay ahead was another SUPER dark room….with something block their path. What was it? Was it going to consume them? How were they going to get through it? Following her husband’s lead, our brave one decided to just make a run for it. What she discovered as she ran was some sort of inflated, rubber walls that you had to push yourself through. Weird? Check. Scary. Heck yes. All she knew was that she was going to run because the faster you go, the less likely something can jump out and scare you, right? After this bizarre game show sort of run (Wipeout, anyone?), they were on another narrow wooden walkway with deck type railings on each side. Again, they were consumed by the feeling that something was lurking behind these railings...when, you guessed it, out popped a member of “The Living Dead.” After the initial scare, and as the group made their way toward the light at the end of the walkway, there he was again! Inches from their face and bidding them one last farewell from his creepy shack. Out they came to a maze of stacked tires. Oh, this just screamed “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Some sort of hook-wielding-raincoat-wearing fisherman was just bound to come out from behind the tires, they knew it. But, to their surprise, this area was a brief respite from the terror they’d experienced so far. After following some wooden signs with arrows, they made their way around the corner where encountered another warehouse style room. They thought they were in the clear when a zombie (with an English accent nonetheless) informed them that they were going the “Wrong bloody way.” A quick turnabout and they were making their way through a steep path winding through the haunted woods. Twists and turns, ducks under tree branches, and witches lurking in the woods. This part was freaky only because they couldn’t figure out if they were on the right path – or going rogue. A few steps later and they realized… Did she make it to the end of the frightening tour through the mysterious woods? Or did she perish like the rest of the 117 men, women, and children of The Lost Colony? We’re not sure. You’ll have to visit Psychopath next year to find out. So, does Psychopath live up to its reputation as one of the Top 4 Scariest Outer Banks Halloween Activities? We certainly think so…but we’ll let you decide for yourself.

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