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15 Easy Holiday Treat Ideas

It’s December 9th...which means that Christmas is just two weeks away! To help get you in the holiday spirit, we've already discussed 20 Easy DIY Gift Ideas, Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas, our Favorite Tunes for Your Holiday Playlist, and even our Favorite Holiday Movies...so now it’s time for some holiday-themed food ideas. With the holiday season in full swing, many of us are in the kitchen trying to whip up scrumptious holiday treats to share with our friends and family. From "Snack with Santa" at my son's school to holiday potlucks at the office, to cookie exchange parties, I quickly found myself in need of some scrumptious holiday treats to share with our friends and family. So, as a Christmas fanatic and lover of any kind of cute food concoction, I put together a roundup of some simple (and sweet!) treats to make for the holidays. The following ideas are easy to make...with some just beyond irresistible in their resemblance to Rudoloph, Frosty, or Santa himself. Are you ready for an overdose of sweetness? 1. These Santa hat Oreo bites will look cute and festive at any holiday party. 2. The next time your kids ask for hot chocolate, surprise them with some snowman hot chocolate! 3. Take peppermint bark and mix it with a good ole fashioned brownie..and you get divine peppermint bark brownies. 4. Christmas Crunch is an easy and festive Christmas treat that is perfect for holiday gift giving. 5. These super easy reindeer cookies  would be fun to make with your children...and a cute addition to a classroom holiday party! 6. Oh no! What happened to Frosty? Using store bought cookies, homemade frosting, peanut butter cups, and candies, you can make these adorable melted snowman cookies. 7.  Salty combines with sweet to make these fun holiday pretzels - a yummy treat few can resist. 8. Bring the campfire indoors! Using chocolate wafer cookies instead of graham crackers, these chocolate caramel s'more bars still have the ooey-gooey goodness of marshmallows and melted chocolate. 9.  Kind of like Rice Krispie treats...but cuter and much more festive! These Christmas cornflake wreaths are the perfect little treat for the holidays! 10. This sweet treat puts a festive twist on the popular, saltine cracker toffee recipe. Just add some M&M’s to make this Christmas crack toffee. And why stop with the M&Ms? Try putting toasted coconut, nuts, or other crushed candy pieces on top. 11. Wouldn’t it be fun to walk through a magical forest where all of the trees were made from candy? Kind of like Hansel and Gretel...without the scary-kid-eating-witch. :) With these super fun Christmas tree cones, you can! 12. How adorable are these?! Easy and quick to make, these Milk way teddy bear sleds would knock the socks off everyone at a kids' party. 13. These  North Pole cupcakes are beyond adorable. In fact, I might just have to steal the entire idea behind this gingerbread house making party.  14.  This egg nog fudge recipe gives traditional white chocolate fudge a holiday spin. 15. And last, but certainly not least, we have the healthiest option on our list...Grinch poppers! Even The Grinch, himself, wouldn't be able to resist the holiday charm oozing out of this treat. Whether you're making the super easy reindeer cookies or the adorable teddy bear sleds, I hope you find the perfect fit for your holiday soirees. :)

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