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The Truth about Outer Banks Vacation Rentals: FlipKey Says OBX Is Top Shoulder Season Destination

Temperatures are cooling down, the waves are picking up, and traffic is beginning to die down.  These are three signs that the summer 2013 season is coming to a close and the craziness that we here at Seaside Vacations have come to love and expect is starting to die down. Summer is the busiest time of year for Outer Banks vacation rentals and FlipKey.com just announced their top five spots to visit during the shoulder season. Can you guess what vacation destination was at the top of their list?  The OBX of course! The shoulder season is defined as the time between high and low travel seasons.  Which means it’s not the slowest time in terms of vacationers (the offseason); it’s just not the peak summer months of June, July and August. “The Outer Banks in September and October still has fabulous weather and it’s likely you’ll experience fewer crowds than during the peak summer months,” said FlipKey’s Travel Expert Jen Gold. “The shoulder seasons also provide an opportunity for travelers to have access to high-end luxury accommodations they might not ever have been able to afford normally during peak season.” We completely agree with everything Jen said!  One of the biggest advantages to visiting during the fall is the amount of money you can save.  For instance, we have  Nags Head rentals that book for over $10,000 during the peak summer weeks.  The same homes are listed at only $4,000 for a weekly rental in October.  That’s a 60% savings! If you weren’t able to get the OBX vacation rental home of your dreams during the peak months, then check out some of the shoulder season prices.  The perfect, oceanfront rental home with all the luxurious amenities we all love may now be well within reach! In addition to the huge savings, enjoy less traffic, better fishing, bigger waves, warm ocean water, less crowded restaurants and empty beaches.  Don’t all of those things sound great? Many locals including myself think the fall is the best time of year on the Outer Banks and I’ll bet that if you visited us during September or October, you’d feel the same.

Monday, August 26, 2013

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