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Lisa Cueman’s Amazing Wild Horses of the Outer Banks Photography


The Outer Banks is one of the coolest places on earth. Why? Take the north beaches of Carova for example. The area is full of multi-million dollar vacation rental homes that are only accessible by 4-wheel drive and the locals are very interesting… and by locals I mean the wild horses!

Vacationers and OBX natives alike try to capture the majestic Carova wild horses through a lens but photographer Lisa Cueman’s recently unveiled body of work displays the wild horses in an entirely new and stunning way. Her newest body of work entitled “ Captives of the Wild: The Horses of the Outer Banks” is full of incredible photos of the most photogenic Carova locals.

In May of 2012, Lisa experienced the Outer Banks for the first time and fell in love with the incredible landscape and her two favorite things in the world, wild horses and the Atlantic Ocean. She spent several months last summer capturing stunning photos of the horses doing what horses do — eating, playing and relaxing.

In her video about the Shackleford wild horses, Lisa says, “there are many traditional records of horses that exist. I would like to think I put forward a more contemporary interpretation: one that draws your attention to shape, line and gesture.”

Her website says, “the stories behind these horses are plentiful and the environment they live in, while seemingly ideal, present them with uniquely harsh challenges that they have adapted to and miraculously have managed to survive in.”

Lisa grew up in Bermuda and has spent the majority of her life around horses. She relocated to Ontario, Canada in 1993 and currently resides in Vermont with her husband and two dogs.

Her work can be found in homes and fine art galleries across the United States and you can check out more of her gorgeous photos on her website. Also, be sure to check out her video that is an introduction to the marking of the photographs of the horses from the Outer Banks.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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