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11 Comfort Food Recipes To Tide You Over Until Spring

Today, we are experiencing a bit of an arctic blast on the Outer Banks, with temperatures below 40 for quite a few days here and bottoming out in the teens at night. Couple that with the recent snow and ice that coated the roads and cancelled school for two days, and you quickly understand why we are focused on comfort foods that warm you right down to your bones. So, take a look at our collection of these classic dishes and a fun little tidbit for each one providing insight on comforts provided. We hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane. Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken This down Southern classic hits the spot no matter where you call home. As soon as this finger-licking recipe is served, your family will be rolling up their sleeves and digging in. Give them a break on the elbows on the table during dinner tonight - they can't help themselves! Why It's the Best: Two words: buttermilk brine. A soak in buttermilk, salt, and sugar results in incredibly moist, flavorful chicken. Comforts Provided: Memories of Sunday dinners and family time together often come to mind when enjoying this classic recipe. Makes: 6 servings Prep: 30 mins Chill: 2 hrs Cook: 12 mins per batch Best Stuffed French Toast A recipe with salted caramel sauce, warm oozing sweetened cream cheese mixed with a classic like French Toast and you can't help but kick your morning off on the right foot. Whether on a sleepy Sunday morning spent around the breakfast table before spending the day watching the last few NFL games of the season, or before heading out to attend family activities, this classic treat is sure to bring a smile to your family's face and warm you from the inside out on a brisk winter morning. Why It's the Best: The secret is in the bread. Day-old French bread or challah bread produces a golden, crisp outside and soft, tender inside. Comforts Provided: Enjoying this breakfast classic is likely to harken back to a more innocent time in your life, perhaps those mornings spent in front of the television watching the Saturday morning cartoon classics and the joy that brought you. Makes: 4 servings Prep: 20 mins Chill: 2 hrs to 24 hrs Cook: 4 mins Best Four-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese A treat for all ages from 1 to 99, macaroni and cheese with its bubbly, cheesy goodness is a treat for any dinner table. This dish with its four cheese blend of Gouda, cheddar, Swiss and Parmesan combines to a smooth and creamy cheese sauce will likely top anyone's list for favorite comfort foods. The indulgent cheeses used in this dish makes this version of macaroni and cheese all grown up. Why It's the Best: This mac and cheese uses two tricks for ultimate creaminess—a silky white sauce and hand-shredded cheeses. Preshredded cheeses are often coasted in starches that don't allow the cheese to melt as well. Comforts Provided: From the Kraft macaroni and cheese in the blue box that you loved when you were kids to the various kinds you will find, everyone has at least one good memory they can associate with this elbow shaped pasta draped in cheesy goodness. Makes: 6 servings Yield: about 9 1/2 cups Prep: 30 mins Broil: 2 mins Our Best Basic Chocolate Chip Cookies The way to any child's heart - warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. This is the classic recipe with no frills and will leave your family asking for it again and again! Why It's the Best: We balanced this recipe with just the right amount of butter for crispness around the cookie's edges and brown sugar for a chewy center. Comforts provided: I was blessed with a few years where my mother was there waiting for me when I came home from those rough days in middle school. Every so often, she'd surprise us with a homemade, still warm from the oven treat like chocolate chip cookies and an ice cold glass of milk. Awww, those were the simple days. Yield: about 60 cookies Prep: 25 mins Cook: 8 mins 375°F Best Strawberry Shortcake Longing for summer? Nothing says summer like strawberry shortcake, so if you are longing for the taste of summer, make this special treat to whisk your senses away to a place a little more tropical than the frigid temps of your front lawn. With the added layers, this makes for a show-stopping version of the classic recipe. Why It's the Best: Baking in a hot oven creates a tender shortcake with the perfect light-and-fluffy texture. Comforts Provided: Transport yourself (and your senses) to a sticky warm summer picnic in your backyard with friends and family. Strawberry shortcake makes me think of my grandparent's backyard  and their massive strawberry patch, which was so plentiful they gave away bushels of strawberries to friends, neighbors and church friends each year. The plentiful patch yielded many summertime strawberry-infused desserts that still are favorites for me today. Makes: 6 servings Prep: 25 mins Bake: 18 mins 400° Best Chicken Noodle Soup Nothing hits the spot when you are talking about comfort food quite like chicken noodle soup. To warm you up on a cold day or to make those icky sicky  blues go away, it's what your mothers and grandmothers made to soothe your soul. The best part? This traditional recipe is packed with the classics like celery, herbs and carrots. The icing on the cake? The homemade noodles. Why It's the Best: The made-from-scratch flavor of a cut-up whole chicken and the slow simmer with herbs makes a soup broth impossible to top. Comforts Provided: This classic reminds me of my son, who like his mother is prone to sore throats and nothing soothes that quite like this tasty tradition. It is one of the first real foods we bonded over as it took a while for him to indulge in some of the more traditional foods, but he has loved this from a very young age. We love to eat this soup and cuddle up for a movie on a particularly cold day, or if he is not feeling well, he gets a batch of this made with love from mom and then it's a special day when he gets to snuggle in our bed until he is feeling more like himself. Makes: 8 servings Yield: 10 1/2 cups Prep: 25 mins Cook: 1 hr 40 mins Potato Cinnamon Rolls This is not your traditional cinnamon roll recipe, and be prepared: once you sample this sweet and savory cinnamon roll, you won't find yourself satisfied by any other old cinnamon roll. With a yeast dough chock-full of the core ingredients to any good cinnamon roll recipe, butter, sugar and cinnamon, these spiral rolls are worth the extra effort. Forgo the Pillsbury and try your hand at these. Your family will thank you. Why It's the Best: Mashed potatoes are our secret ingredient for light, fluffy cinnamon rolls. Potato adds moisture and structure without contributing to gluten development. Comforts Provided: A key to many weekend mornings at our house, delivered breakfast in bed style to the little man of the house, we typically battle over the last one! Makes: 12 servings Yield: 12 rolls Prep: 45 mins Rise: 1 hr 15 mins Stand: 10 mins Classic Lasagna There is no aspect of this warm and bubbly delight that doesn't simply scream comfort food. The multi-layered tower of beef, sausage, veggies, cheese, and pasta stack up to quite a meal and provide a delicious dish to grace your dinner table night after night. Why It's the Best: A homemade bechamel sauce adds a rich, garlicky, saucy layer to make the best lasagna you've ever had. Comforts Provided: Pasta is a part of our weekly meals and I've shared many Italian meals with the man in my life. We've sample Italian cuisine in Little Italy across the country, so there is a special comfort and romance found in any pasta experience for us. Makes: 12 servings Prep: 30 mins Cook: 15 mins Bake: 30 mins 375° Shredded Roast Pork Sandwiches A spice mix of garlic, coriander, cumin, oregano, and onion powder imparts amazing, well-rounded flavor to tender pork. Low-and-slow braising creates the most tender meat possible to mound on hamburger buns or eat right out of the pan. Why It's the Best: Cooking the pork by braising transforms the usually tough pork shoulder roast into moist, juicy meat. Comfort Provided: A treat reserved for game days around our house. The camaraderie, bonding and fun memories that come to mind with these days are a great reason to break these out and support your favorite teams! Makes: 12 servings Yield: about 5 cups cooked meat Prep: 15 mins Roast: 2 hrs 30 mins 325° Best Banana Bread Forget all of the other recipes for banana bread, this is the only one you need. Roasting the bananas for a short time is the trick to ensuring that the bananas have a rich, deep flavor. Top that off with the streusel-nut topping and you won't be able to get enough of the sweet-salty crunch. Why It's the Best: Roasting bananas allows the natural sugars to melt into a thick, caramely syrup for richer, sweeter banana flavor. Comforts provided: What is more comforting that fresh-baked homemade bread? This is a tradition for many holiday gatherings and a requirement for fall. Pair with hot tea or coffee for an a morning or afternoon snack and you will be glad you did. Makes: 16 servings Prep: 25 mins Bake: 1 hr 10 mins 350° Cool: 10 mins Perfect Hash Browns Simple perfection is what can be found when mixing these five ingredients into a salty, crispy comfort food. This dish works well for breakfast and for protein and vegetable filled dinners. Why It's the Best: This recipe explains how to get as much excess water out of the potatoes as possible for a perfectly crispy exterior and tender inside to your hash browns. Comforts Provided: Sunday morning breakfast paired with hash browns? What is more comforting than that? Make it breakfast in bed and can't get any better! Makes: 6 servings Prep: 20 mins Cook: 20 mins Sources: Buttermilk-Brined Fried ChickenBest Stuffed French ToastPerfect Hash Browns,Best Banana BreadBest Four-Cheese Macaroni and CheeseShredded Pork Roast SandwichesClassic LasagnaPotato Cinnamon RollsBest Chicken Noodle Soup,  Best Strawberry ShortcakeOur Best Basic Chocolate Chip Cookies,

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