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Outer Banks Beach Report: 1.10.14 - Great Weather Today

What a difference a few days can make! Welcome back to another Outer Banks beach report, this is Brandon from OBX vacation rental provider Seaside Vacations. The picture above and YouTube video below are from 8:30 am this morning at Ferris Ave. public beach access in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Beach Report The frigid temperatures of Monday are gone, and today is an absolutely beautiful January day on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Temperatures reaching the high 50s this afternoon with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. Small chance of rain (30%) later tonight and temperatures dipping down into the low 50s later this evening. Perfect winter day for a long walk on the beach! Surfing Report Ocean water temperatures are around 45 degree this morning on the Outer Banks. There is some decent surf out there especially if you can find a nice sandbar. If you've got a wet suit, boots, gloves and a hat, today would be a great day to enjoy some easy to catch waves on a long board or ocean kayak. Winter seems to be the best time of year for eager local surfers looking for some fun when it's cold outside. Fishing Report Great day for surf or pier fishing on the Outer Banks. If you have a permit to drive on the beach, I'd recommend hopping in your four wheel drive vehicle, parking on the beach with the tailgate facing the ocean, and hanging out with a pole in the sand. Thanks for reading today's beach report, we hope to see you soon.... have fun! :) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQP4HDvwdKc&w=560&h=360]

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