Blue Mind 2 on the Outer Banks


Why do books and symposia about the human brain, the most complex object in the universe, contain no mention of the ocean, the single greatest feature of our planet? Why do books and conferences on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans entirely overlook the field of cognitive neuroscience? BLUEMiND 2 will forever link studies of the mind and ocean in a two-day event held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

To paint a quick picture; a national group of top neuroscientists meeting on Outer Banks to discuss the amazing positive effects that the Outer Banks has to our health and happiness; including data points from the first study of its kind – focused on the Outer Banks – all while overlooking the ocean at the brand new, “green”/ocean-minded Jennette’s Pier.

Interested in attending BLUEMiND 2? Please contact Adam Norko, Marketing Director for Seaside Vacations.


Schedule of Events for BLUEMIND2: Where Nostalgia is Born

June 4, 2012: Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head

June 5, 2012: Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head

BLUEMiND 2 Summit

(click image to download 8.5x11 poster)

BLUEMiND 2 Sponsors and Information:

Host:: Jennette’s Pier

Lead Sponsors:

Supporting sponsors:

Catering Sponsors:

Lodging Sponsors:

  • Comfort Inn South
    • 8031 Old Oregon Inlet Road
      Nags Head, NC 27959
      (252) 441-6315

    • A short walk on the beach to the event
    • More expensive and limited availability
  • Comfort Inn North
    • 1601 South Virginia Dare Trail
      Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
      (800) 843-1249

    • Very close to the Wright Brother’s Monument & Museum

  • Ramada Inn
    • 1701 South Virginia Dare Trail
      Kill Devil Hills, NC
      (252) 441-2151

    • About 7 miles from the event
    • A 30 minute casual bike ride on a level, scenic route

Other Sponsors:

Other Information:

  • Oregon Inlet Campground
  • The Connection
    Door-to-door van service by reservation between the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Norfolk, Virginia airport, bus station, and train station. Discounts available. Special events, weddings. (252) 449-2777

Companies and individuals are invited to join BLUEMIND 2 as sponsors. If you are interested in being a lead sponsor, secondary sponsor or speaker sponsor, please get in touch!

If you are a sponsor, or would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Blue Mind Summit, please send a check, made payable to LiVBLUE/The Ocean Foundation, to:
P.O. Box 324
Davenport, CA 95017

What is BLUEMiND?

BLUEMiND is part of The BLUE MARBLES PROJECT a growing movement for the healing of our planet—our blue marble. began as an international community driven experiment. Over the course of eighteen months nearly one million individuals have received or given a blue marble to another individual as a talisman of gratitude for work that benefits our planet. Environmental justice and social change movements have relied upon fear-based motivation to try and engage the world in efforts to address the vast concerns that our planet faces. The Blue Marble Project takes a different approach. Motivation to change the world through empathy, gratitude, and love is our strategy—and it is working. Our purpose is to provide a platform and supplementary programs that will connect constituents, deepen their engagement with environmental justice and social change, and renew their commitment to repairing our world. The outcome is an acceleration of a diverse and growing global movement that will save our Blue Marble—our planet.

Learn more at



“Live like you love the ocean” is the simple idea behind the LiveBlue message. It comes from the mind of visionary marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols.

The ocean feeds our soul in ways that are difficult to pinpoint. We know that the ocean makes us healthier, happier, reduces stress and brings us peace-much the same as meditation. We call that BlueMind.

Most of us come to the Outer Banks because we love it here. We are inspired by the ocean in some way-hearing its waves, smelling the salt air, eating fresh seafood, playing in it, walking next to it, painting it, writing about it, photographing it and creating lasting memories along its edge.

So, let’s live like we love the ocean.

Read more about how you can LiVEBLUE.




"Saving the ocean one blue marble at a time."

There’s only one true Blue Marble. You live on it.

From a million miles away this is what we look like: small, blue and gorgeous. On this delicate piece of the universe we’ve inherited the gift of life. Here we have everything we need to nourish our bodies and care for our spirits. It’s ours to love, nurture and share for generations to come. Everything about it matters.

Cherish your Blue Marble. It’s the only one we have.

What to do with your Blue Marble:

  1. Hold your marble in front of you. This is how our planet appears from 1 million miles away.
  2. Look closely into your blue marble at a light. In that much seawater you’ll find an abundance of life and virtually every element.
  3. Hold your marble to your head and think of someone who helps heal the world.
  4. Hold it to your heart and imagine presenting your blue marble as a gift to them with a simple, “thanks for doing what you are doing."
  5. Carry your marble until you find the right person to give it to. Then, ask them to pass it along too.

Read more about The Blue Marble Project, including how to purchase your own blue marbles, how to share your blue marble stories, and how you can play the BLUEGAME yourself.

Earth - the original blue marble.




The Blue Marble Project

About Dr. Wallace "J." Nichols

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols is a Marine Biologist and Research Associate at the California Academy of Science. J.’s projects and philosophy incorporates participatory science, social networking/community organizing, and creative communication to inspire a healthier relationship with the sea. J. is a Research Associate at California Academy of Sciences and founder/co-director of Ocean Revolution, an international network of young ocean advocates. He earned his MEM in Environmental Policy and Economics from Duke University's Nicholas School and his PhD in Wildlife Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of Arizona. He has authored over 50 scientific papers, mentors an international group of graduate students and is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post. Recently, GQ Magazine profiled him as a leading, "Keeper of the Sea." He is the father of Julia and Grayce.

Read more about Wallace J. Nichols.

Check out the Nautica video about J, his family and their love for the BLUEMiND way of living.


Dr. Wallace J. Nichols


Outside Magazine - Blue Mind


In June 2011 a conference called the BLUEMiND Summit was held at the California Academy of Sciences.

The goal was to explore the intersection of neuroscience and ocean exploration.

That work is now featured on the cover of the December 2011 issue of Outside Magazine.

Read the article...

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