Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the password for my lease agreement? (back to top)

Your password is your lease number.

Why is the chat function not working for me? (back to top)

For the chat function to work properly, you must have Java installed on your computer. Not all computers will have this installed by default. You can download the Java install file here.

What do all the different locations mean? (back to top)

There are two (2) roads running north/south on the Outer Banks. The "Beach Road" (NC 12) is a 2-lane road with a speed limit of 35 MPH. The "Bypass" (US 158) is a 5-lane road with speed limits 45-50 MPH. 

Please note: The Bypass is incredibly busy during the summer season on the Outer Banks. Seaside Vacations advises our guests to please take safety precautions when traveling on the Bypass. If you must cross the Bypass on foot, please make sure to do so at designated pedestrian crosswalks - never using the center turn lane as a stopping point.

Between the Roads - These properties are located in the wide area between NC12 (Beach Road) and US 158 (Bypass). Access to the beach is via a public beach access. Some properties are within walking distance to the beach, others will require a very short drive.

Oceanfront - An oceanfront home has no homes or buildable lots located between it and the ocean. The distance between the home and the ocean may vary.

Semi-Oceanfront - Semi-oceanfront homes are located one lot back from the ocean and may or may not require crossing the road. Children always will need assistance to cross any road. The distance to the water, beach accesses, and views vary.

Oceanside - These homes are located east of the "Beach Road" (Route 12) and there are no primary/major roads to cross. These homes have two or more homes between them and the ocean. These homes may or may not have an ocean view and the distance to the ocean varies.

Soundside - These homes are located west of Highway 158 from Southern Shores to Nags Head and west of Highway 12 from Southern Shores to Corolla. The distance to the sound and views vary. Homes may not have direct access to the sound.

Soundfront - These properties front the sound with no homes or lots in between. The distance to the sound, access to the sound and the view vary. Sunsets can be gorgeous!

Is paying with a credit card online safe? (back to top)

Our credit card transactions are processed by a third party provider. Ascent Processing Inc. provides a safe, secure way to manage credit card transactions.

Do you offer any travel insurance? (back to top)

We offer travel insurance through Red Sky Travel Insurance. We highly recommend a travel insurance plan, especially since the Outer Banks is so prone to hurricanes. The travel insurance plan is priced affordably and can cover a variety of issues that could impact your vacation should unforeseen circumstances occur. As they say on TV, “Life comes at you fast.” Most notably would be a mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane. Here are a few other things covered by travel insurance: sickness, injury or death of you or a family member, business partner, or traveling companion, the insured’s principal residence being made uninhabitable by fire, flood vandalism, or burglary, involuntary termination of employment, military duty, etc.

If you would like to have specific questions answered, please call Red Sky Travel Insurance at 1-866-889-7409.

Remember, in order to have coverage due to a named hurricane, a travel insurance plan cannot be added after a tropical storm becomes a “named hurricane.” We tell you this because it could be very costly to wait. You would have to contact Red Sky Travel Insurance for specific details.

Helpful travel insurance links:

Do I have to pay any taxes on my vacation? (back to top)

Unfortunately the tax man doesn’t take vacations. Obviously, we do not set the tax rates and we only collect the taxes for the county. If your rental home is in Currituck County (Corolla), the tax is 12.75%. If your home is in Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, or Nags Head, the tax is 12.75%.

Do you have an event fee? (back to top)

Seaside Vacations homes allowing special events will list "Event Home" in the "Amenities" section. There will be a $1,000 non-refundable event fee and $1,500 refundable security deposit included on all reservations with a special event. 

I don’t see rates for next year. When will these be available? (back to top)

We accept Advance Reservations for the following year with a $50 hold fee. If the rates have been approved for the following year, you may reserve the home by paying the first half of the rent or by setting up payments with our Vacation Layaway Program.

What/where is Club Seaside? (back to top)

Club Seaside is an exclusive program consisting of complimentary events and discounts on popular Outer Banks activities that are exclusive to Seaside Vacations guests.* Just click on Club Seaside on the left side of our website to obtain more information including schedules, contact information and to make reservations for each activity.

*Some events include a small material fee.

Does Seaside Vacations provide baby equipment? (back to top)

Some homes provide baby equipment. The age and quality of play pens, high chairs, etc. varies from house to house. Our experience shows us that most owners provide clean, quality baby equipment.

Baby equipment usually includes a port-a-crib, high chair and a baby gate.

Moneysworth Beach Equipment & Linen Rentals provides a variety of baby equipment for rent and will deliver and pickup these items for you. As with all rental items, the inventory is rented on a first come, first served basis and deliveries are made geographically, with most items delivered before 8:00 PM on the day of your arrival.  Contact Moneysworth here.

Are linens and towels provided? (back to top)

Linens and towels are provided for some of the homes in vacation rental home program - not all of them. In the homes that do have linens and towels provided, the beds are made prior to arrival (with exception of top bunks). There are enough towel sets for the number the house sleeps.

Does my property have internet access? (back to top)

Many of our properties do offer internet access. Please check your property's website description to determine what type of internet service (if any) is available. If your home doesn’t provide this service, there are many free WiFi hotspots all over the Outer Banks. 

Our vacation home has a pool. Can we have the pool heated? (back to top)

Pool heat is available with some of our homes typically between April-June and September-October. There is an additional charge for pool heat and this charge varies by home.

Please remember that most pool heaters will only heat the water 5 to 8 degrees above the outside air temperatures. For example, if the air temperature is only 60 degrees, the pool water will likely be no warmer than 68 degrees. Pool heat does not give a “hot tub” effect, it merely prolongs the pool swimming season. If you really want warm water, jump in the hot tub.

What time is check-in? (back to top)

Please know that we want to get all of our guests into their vacation home as soon as we can. Our check in time is 4:00 p.m., as the houses become available and are released by Housekeeping and Maintenance. We will be happy to check you in as soon as the cleaners give us the "OK." Again, please know that our goal is to get you on your way, enjoying your vacation, as soon as we can.

The offices are staffed until 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and 5:00 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays throughout the summer. If you arrive after hours, there is a drop box outside the front door. Simply grab your check-in packet and proceed to your vacation home.*

*Guests staying in keyless entry homes may proceed directly to their vacation rental home. Your check-in packet will be left inside the home.

Where do I check-in? (back to top)

All guests staying in non-keyless entry homes will check in at our Kitty Hawk office:
3620 N. Croatan Hwy., Kitty Hawk, NC (MP 4 on US 158 - the Bypass)

If your home is keyless, you may proceed directly to your home at 4:00 p.m.

I have keyless entry. Do I still have to come to the office? (back to top)

Our keyless entry service allows you to go straight to the home on check-in day, any time after 4:00PM! In addition, when checking out, you may head straight home (skipping our office). We simply ask that you leave your completed Comment Form and Advance Reservation Form on the kitchen counter.

Do you offer early check-in? (back to top)

If called and requested, at least one week in advance, we do offer early check-in for homes with 1-5 bedrooms. The cost for early check-in is $90.00 plus tax. Early check-in is at 1:00PM. Unfortunately we cannot offer this service on homes with 6 or more bedrooms. 

What are your check-out cleaning requirements? (back to top)

Check-out is at 10:00 AM on day of departure. Cleaning crews arrive at the home at 10:00 AM; your prompt departure is appreciated.

All keys are to be returned to our office upon departure. (Keyless entry guests do not have to stop by the office to check out. You may leave your survey and pre-reservation form on the table.)

Please leave the home tidy by completing the following items:

  • Clean out the refrigerator and leave the refrigerator/freezer settings on medium. You may bring any unopened, nonperishable food items to our office for the local food banks.
  • Place all trash in the cans provided or in a nearby dumpster. Move trashcans/recycle bins to the street the night before you leave. (Pick-up is done prior to dawn.)
  • Please wash all dishes and put them away or place them in the dishwasher and begin the cleaning cycle.
  • Turn the thermostats to 75 degrees (summer) and 55 degrees (winter).
  • Please turn off all inside and outside lights.
  • Leave grills, furniture and accessories as you found them.
  • Remove toys/trash from the pool area. Make sure the hot tub cover is secure.
  • Leave the linens on the beds and the towels in the bathroom.
  • Make sure the propane tank has been shut off for all gas grills. Please clean any and all grills using the grill brush provided.
  • Check closets, drawers and under beds for personal items.
  • Please make sure you close and lock all windows and doors and also have someone check the security of all doors and windows from outside the home.

If you have any further questions about your Outer Banks vacation please email us, or call us at 866.884.0267.