Outer Banks Weather Information

Once known as a "summer " destination, the temperate weather on the Outer Banks makes it an enjoyable destination year-round. A combination of bright sunny days tempered by gentle ocean breezes, the Outer Banks enjoys around 200 sunny days each year, with a year-round average hovering around 70°. Wind is an everyday occurrence on the Outer Banks, and can range from gentle southwest breezes to strong northeast storm winds.


Outer Banks Seasons

The summer months average lows from the mid 70's to highs near 90, depending on the time of the summer. Average temperatures on the Outer Banks climb to 85°, but even on the hottest of summer days you can expect a slight to moderate ocean breeze. In summer the wind blows out of the southwest, picking up speed in the late afternoon.

Visiting North Carolina's Outer Banks in the fall is perfect for spending your days outdoors. Expect temperatures in the lower 80's in September, and mid- 70's in October.

Winter temperatures are usually cool, though the wind can make it feel colder. Winter daytime temperatures average in the lower 50's with nights averaging in the upper 30's.

Spring is typically a mild season; however, temperatures in the spring can be very unpredictable. Average daytime temperatures are normally in the upper 60's and lower 70's.

Average Temperature, Precipitation & Wind Chart

The following weather readings reflect the average temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit), wind velocity (MPH), and
precipitation (inches) for the past ten years from Cape Hatteras. These temperatures have been provided by The National Weather Service Newport Office.

Max Temperature
Min Temperature
Water Temperature
January 51°F 36°F 49°F 4.7 inches 14 mph
February 54°F 37°F 46°F 3.2 inches 15 mph
March 60°F 43°F 42°F 4.6 inches 15 mph
April 69°F 51°F 59°F 3.1 inches 14 mph
May 76°F 60°F 68°F 4.2 inches 13 mph
June 83°F 68°F 74°F 4.8 inches 12 mph
July 86°F 72°F 78°F 5.3 inches 11 mph
August 85°F 72°F 80°F 5.6 inches 12 mph
September 81°F 67°F 77°F 4.9 inches 14 mph
October 71°F 57°F 70°F 4.1 inches 14 mph
November 63°F 48°F 58°F 3.4 inches 14 mph
December 55°F 40°F 55°F 3.7 inches 15 mph


Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season lasts from June 1st until November 30th each year.

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Current Outer Banks Weather Forecast

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