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Door-to-Door Luggage Shipping

What: Door-to-door luggage shipping. Seaside Vacations guests will receive a lifetime $25 Luggage Free gift voucher.      
How: Use code Seaside25 when booking to redeem your benefit.      
Contact: 212.453.1579 or sales@luggagefree.com     
Website: www.luggagefree.com     


Outer Banks Luggage Free Shipping Service: 

The Luggage Free service allows you to travel easier and to arrive at your destination faster, without worrying about any of your belongings. The days of packing up your car or checking multiple bags at the airport are over! Luggage Free wants you to start your vacation from your own doorstep. Let us handle the pesky details, leaving you and your family to travel with the freedom you deserve.

As a door-to-door service, we will schedule a pick-up right from your home and ensure a successful delivery at your destination. Behind the scenes, we tag, wrap and track each item to provide a seamless process. Every shipment includes complimentary insurance and 24/7 customer support.

Not just limited to luggage, we regularly ship golf clubs, bikes, boxes and many other personal items.

As part of Club Seaside, Seaside Vacations guests will receive a lifetime gift card to Luggage Free that can be used toward every shipment of their luggage or personal items. Please use code Seaside25 while booking to redeem your benefit.