Jockeys Ridge, NC - 100 ft. Sand Dunes Tower Over the Outer Banks


Few features that dot the coastline of North Carolina's Outer Banks are as visually striking as the monstrous mound of sand situated between the sea and the sound in Nags Head, NC. Standing more than 100 feet in height, this enormous sand dune known as Jockey's Ridge has served as a hot spot for vacationers seeking opportunities to experience unique recreational activities for decades.   
Although it may be best known for its status as the best place on "the banks" to experience hang-gliding, travelers in search of an escape from crowded tourist attractions can take a self-guided tour along the assortment of nature trails that meander through the 420 acres that make up Jockey's Ridge State Park. It is upon these winding pathways through the park that visitors will likely find themselves face to face with wildlife ranging from raccoons, foxes and white-tailed deer to osprey, opossums and snowy egrets.  
And if you think summer is the best time to make the journey to Jockey's Ridge, think again. The park is open year-round, and if you're searching for some peace and quiet, a visit to the undisturbed dune in the middle of winter should be at the top of your to-do list. You'll encounter few, if any, visitors of the human variety, and the trek to the top-which can be strenuous in the hot and humid summer months-isn't nearly as taxing when the temperatures have dropped and the sand is cool beneath your feet. Once you reach the summit you'll be rewarded with spectacular 360-degree views of the both the sound and the sea-so don't forget to bring your camera!  

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


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