More Secrets of Blackbeards Shipwreck Revealed


Yo ho ho a pirates life for me!

After 14 years of digging, archaeologists are certain they've discovered the famous Blackbeard flagship   , the Queen Anne's Revenge, just off Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks. After discovering Blackbeard's sword off the North Carolina Coast, researchers believe they have found more clues about what happened to Blackbeard, his crew, and his ship. 

Archaeologists say there is no doubt that what they have been diving on since 1997 is the Queen Anne's Revenge, officially identified as shipwreck 31 CR 314. 

"Absolutely" is what the QAR Project Director and Archaeologist Dr. Mark Wilde-Ramsing says. "There is no question that this could be any other ship." 

But how it got there is still a mystery. Some believe the pirates may have ran the ship aground on purpose. The debris field encompasses an areaapproximately 90 x 200 feet with a north-south orientation. Finding bits and pieces of the wreckage, coins, navigational instruments, pewter ware, intactbottles, lead shots of many sizes, small arms and gold dust, to name a few, there is still something missing…bodies.

"Everybody got off," said Sr. Wilde-Ramsing. "We are not finding any human remains and actually there is very good evidence that they got off because we are not finding any clothing." 

With over half of the artifacts discovered, divers set a goal to find the rest by 2013. Weather conditions determine the dive schedule. It can be calmunderwater, yet storms can cause limited visibility. Future dives will undoubtedly answer many questions surrounding Blackbeard and his ships, and confirmthe Outer Banks truly is the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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