Movie Being Filmed at Jockeys Ridge

Filming for a new sci-fi movie began at Jockey's Ridge State Park on October 8, 2009. Obsidian Collective, a media production start-up company began shooting its first film. The company was founded with director Ben Carland and some other friends from the town of Hendersonville. The company's first film will be titled "Sol." It will be a Sci-fi drama that will have plenty of suspense in the mix. Here's a quick synopsis of the plot -- When five young men become stranded on a desolate planet with meager resources, the potential for disaster seems unavoidable.

To find out their fate, you'll have to wait until the film hits the theaters. Carland is very optimistic about working on the Outer Banks. "Our hope is that having the blog will pull people in throughout the entire process and get them interested in it," Huffman says. "You can watch this feature film unfold — and because we're a hometown operation — you might have some relation to the people in it." Carland will be keeping a blog updated during the time that they will be filming on the Outer Banks. You can keep up with the project and watch the film as it unfolds at the "Sol" Development Blog.

- Friday, October 23, 2009

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