Outer Banks Bucket Lists: Top 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About My OBX Vacation

Dare I say our OBX Bucket List blog series is a break-out hit?! We're getting some awesome lists and some fantastic feedback. It's soooo cool to see all of the different perspectives of tips, tricks, and musts for a perfect Outer Banks vacation.Today's list comes to us courtesy of Colleen - Ms. C, you rock! - and I must say, this is a super rad list that falls into the "wish I knew" side of things. A must read for anyone planning and OBX vacation.I hope you’re digging the bucket lists as much as me, and if you have some great OBX Bucket Lists, please share in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what you love about the Outer Banks!

Top 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About My OBX Vacation

  1. Spending the day at the beach with children is great fun. Falling in the holes that were left behind is no fun at all. Filling in your sand castle moats will save a sprained ankle or two, and maybe even a sea turtle!
  2. Before checking out, have different members of your party check each room for items that may be left behind. Multiple trips through the house is worth the effort...we all know Dad doesn't look as well as Mom! :)
  3. If you are visiting during a shoulder season, be sure to ask about the dates that pools and fireplaces are opened and closed.
  4. Never set the AC lower than 72 degrees. Once you lose your cool air, it’s hard to get it back!
  5. Know your closest Emergency Medical location. If you are prepared, you probably won’t need it!
  6. Take lots of photos of your group activities. When you look at them years later, you’ll be glad you did. And share them with us on our Facebook wall! :)
  7. Look for a flag. If the wind is coming off of the ocean, it’s usually cooler at the beach, it keeps the biting flies away, and it brings the warm water towards shore. On the flip side, the offshore wind makes sweet, sweet waves.
  8. Bring a few things from home for your first day – toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels – to carry you over until you get to the grocery store.
  9. All beach accesses are FREE! That's right, the OBX isn't NJ - no offense :) - there's no charge to hit the sand!
  10. Find an OBX location that’s meaningful, and take a group picture there each year. It’s great fun to see how your family changes over the years. The kids grow quick, capture it while you can.


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