Outer Banks Secret Spot - Turtle Park


by Chad F.

turtle park (sandy run park) in kitty hawk
A hidden Outer Banks treasure!

Sandy Run Park is a 16-acre park located in Kitty Hawk Woods, one of the largest remaining maritime deciduous forests in North Carolina.  The park includes a half-mile boardwalk and nature trail loop, two waterfront gazebos, canoe/kayak access, and a fishing pier.  The front of the park also offers a picnic pavilion, a basketball court, and grills for cooking out. 

You may hear Sandy Run Park referred to as Turtle Park, this is due to the many turtles at Sandy Run Park which can regularly be seen conglomerating under one of the bridges on the boardwalk. Turtle watching is a terrific activity for little ones.  The park also is home to other types of wildlife, such as deer, egrets, etc. and is an awesome spot for birdwatching. The park is open 7 days/week from 7am-8pm all year long.

Next time you're enjoying a beach vacation on the Outer Banks, stop by and check out one of the Outer Banks' secret treasures, Turtle Park!


Sandy Run park is off of Woods Road, which you can access by turning west off of 158, the park will be towards the end of the road, on the left hand side, past the Kitty Hawk Garden Center. 

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