Outer Banks Throwback Thursday - Draftys Tavern and Old Pirates Cove

The Outer Banks of North Carolina has grown, changed, and evolved so much over the years, and it's both fun and interesting to look back at what the small group of barrier islands used to look like decades ago.A fantastic addition to our Throwback Thursday blog series, the photo is of  Drafty's Tavern in the late 1950's and the dirt road pictured in the image is Pirate's Cove Marina before the harbor was the fishing epicenter that it is today.Drafty's Tavern was a popular spot for fisherman and locals who wanted a place to relax after work or on the weekends and listen to a song or two on the jukebox or play a game a game of pool. The restaurant was known for their pizza, blue crabs, and cold beer. You were also able to bring your boat up to the backdoor for food, ice, and beer refills - why can't you do that today? Here is what the same area looks like today from a different view and perspective.It's hard to look at the picture above and imagine the small patch of land on Roanoke Island would soon be filled with hundreds of three-story buildings and enough docking room to house hundreds of multi-million dollar charters. Previously the Toot-n-Tell, here is an old newspaper article from the Apr 28, 1984 edition of The Spokesman-Review discussing the closure of Drafty's Tavern.Be sure to check out some of our old Throwback Thursday posts and visit our Pinterest board to see more retro photos of the Outer Banks. This photo is from the University of North Carolina photo archive and was posted on the Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook Facebook Group by Ken Strayhorn.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seaside Showcase

It all starts with a luxurious Seaside vacation home or condo in one of the world’s most beautiful beachside communities.