Seaside Vacations 2019: The Year In Review


by Jessie S.

seaside vacations: the year in review

2019 was an exciting year for Seaside Vacations guests, homeowners and staff! We had some great weather, exciting stories, and added a ton of new features for our guests to enjoy. Here’s a complete look at Seaside Vacations 2019: The Year In Review.

New Vacation Rentals

In 2019, Seaside Vacations added several new vacation rental homes that we knew our guests would love! Check them out! (Click on the home for more information):

Seaside Vacations Rental Home - 5 O'Clock Somewhere Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Victorian Fan Ta SeaSeaside Vacations Rental Home - Rico's Retreat Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Island Time Seaside Vacations Rental Home - La D Da Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Not Too Crabby Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Fairways & Seaspray Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Beach Haven Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Bikinis & Martinis Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Tucker's Dream Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Otter Creek Seaside Vacations Rental Home - All Decked Out Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Captain's Catch Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Sammy's Sandbox Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Mirlo HI Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Surfers Watch Seaside Vacations Rental Home - Tight Lines & Tan Lines Seaside Vacations Rental Home - 4Dee

New Club Seaside Partners

In 2019, Seaside Vacations also added several new partners to our exclusive Club Seaside Program!

We Learned From Our Guests

We love to hear from our guests! Over the course of the last year, we polled our followers on social media to get a better insight of what people like, where they enjoy visiting, and if they are familiar with certain OBX landmarks. Here is what they said:

1) Have you ever been to the Wright Brothers Memorial?" 81% said Yes

2) When is your next OBX Vacation? The most common response was "Not soon enough!" (We totally get it!)

3) What is your favorite OBX Town to Visit? Corolla had the most votes!

instagram poll - what is your favorite outer banks town to visit?

4) What signals the beginning of your Outer Banks vacation? Crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge was the most popular response!

A Year in Social Media

Here are our most liked Instagram posts of the year!

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Jessie has been coming to the Outer Banks since she was just 5 years old. She loved it here so much that she finally relocated in 2018. Now her mission is to show the world that the Outer Banks is an incredible place that everyone should experience. When she isn't working, you can find Jessie hanging out with her friends, chilling at home with her awesome cat, Yoji, or discovering a new Outer Banks adventure. 

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