Careers at Seaside Vacations & Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty

At Seaside Realty, we are always looking for new and motivated members to join our team. Seaside Vacations is a rapidly growning vacation rental home provider located on North Carolina's Outer Banks and we are always looking for new talent. Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty is a leading Northeast North Carolina real estate firm with over 35 licensed agents.

If you have the experience and knowledge for any of the positions listed below at either Seaside Vacations or Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty, please feel free to apply. If you are intested in working for Seaside Realty but don't see a job that's currently listed that you feel applicable to apply for, you may email your resume to our Human Resources department to be kept on file for future consideration.


Housekeeping Manager

The Assistant Hospitality Managers main responsibility is to assist the Hospitality Operations Manager. These duties include (but are not limited to):
  • Billing  - Consists of entering work orders and billing owners for Items placed in homes for owners or guests, Owner cleans, etc.  
  • Entering work orders for maintenance issues as called in by cleaners or runners. 
  • Payroll – All completed payroll must be turned in to Hospitality Operations Manager for sign off before turn in. Any variations from standard pay rates must be pointed out and reason discussed. 
  • Generating keyless entry codes.
  • Generating linen tags for the laundry department.
  • Utilizing Property Plus & LSI software on a daily basis. 
  • Assisting managing Lost and Found – Ensuring guests or owners are contacted in a timely manner. If guests or owners call in inquiring about an item, that cleaners or property coordinators are contacted to search in a timely manner. 
  • Scheduling - Creating cleaner and runner schedules and gathering necessary materials
  • General Hospitality staff support
  • Inventory control – weekly inventory of stock and chemicals. 
  • Assisting with ordering materials and chemicals as needed. 
  • Management of warehouse operations when the Hospitality Operations Manager and/or Laundry Manager is off or in the field. 
  • Some field work will be required – Including cleaning, spiffing, aiding deep cleaners, running or delivering necessary items. (Up to 50% of the time depending on time of year).
  • Training assist in the field and preliminary training sessions.  
  • To nurture and facilitate a positive work atmosphere. To actively ward off negativity in the department and promote fun. 
  • Strong communication – via email, phone calls and in person with guests, owners and ALL staff in every department. Open dialogue with Hospitality Operations Manager; this means reporting any thing pertinent regarding  other staff job performance, intel necessary for Ops manager to perform job and keep department healthy and positive. This also means open dialogue to report concerns, ideas for betterment of department, etc. We need to communicate openly constantly in order for us both to be able to perform our job to the best of our ability. 
Other Skills you will need to succeed: The ability to develop effective relationships and partnerships, ability to work in a structured and non-structured environment (adaptability), ability to work in a high-stress environment at times with a level mind and attitude. 
Personal Qualities you will need to succeed: The successful candidate for the position must have a heart to serve others and strive for excellence; they must have integrity, be respectful and willing to go the extra mile for our owners, guests and team mates.  Seek knowledge and use existing resources! 


The Caretaker is a part-time, seasonal position that reports to the Property Coordinator. The position is an hourly, non-exempt position. The Caretaker assists the Property Coordinator in most aspects of their responsibilities as it relates to the unit readiness. The Caretaker has routine contact with the Housekeeping Manager relative to the cleanliness of the unit. The Caretaker also has routine contact with the Maintenance Manager relative to repairs and unit readiness. Pay rates starting at $13 per hour + mileage.

Caretakers should stop by to complete an application or email