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Guest Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide

When you stay with Seaside Vacations, we are here to help! We want to do everything we can to help you have the best experience possible during your Outer Banks vacation. Unfortunately, we all know that at a vacation rental home, like any home, issues arise and things happen that can seem to derail your vacation. 

But never fear! 

Our trained crew of maintenance professionals is available to help. But sometimes, you don’t want to wait for a tech to arrive, so be sure to try our “Troubleshooting Guide” with solutions for some basic maintenance concerns so that you can get the issue resolved and get you back to your relaxing vacation faster!

If you need additional assistance at any time, please contact our office at 800-395-2525.

Heating & Cooling (HVAC)

Part of having a comfortable and relaxing vacation experience is making sure that the heating and cooling in your vacation rental are working properly. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to keep your house effeciently heated and/or cooled during your stay. Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take for the heating and cooling system in your vacation rental. 

If you need any additional help or find that these troubleshooting tips aren't working, please give us a call at 800-395-2525 and we'll do whatever we can to help.

Air Conditioning & Cooling 

When dealing with air conditioners on the Outer Banks, it’s important to remember that even new air conditioning units can only realistically bring down the temperature of the top level of a home by about 20 degrees below the heat index outside. That means that if the heat index is 100°F outside, you can realistically expect the top level of your vacation rental property to feel within the 75°F to 80°F range. 


Best Practices

Since the temperatures on the Outer Banks can get pretty high during the summer, here are some best practices to make the most of the A/C in your vacation rental and prevent overheating and damage.

    • Close all windows, doors, blinds, and curtains
    • Utilize ceiling fans and/or standalone fans where available
    • DO NOT set the thermostat below 72, as this can cause the system to overheat

If you discover that your A/C vents are not emitting cool air, first check to ensure that thermostat is set to COOL. If it is set to COOL, try to locate the outside unit/fan to determine if the air conditioning has “frozen up.” If there appears to be ice accumulation on the unit, please turn off the “COOL” setting on the thermostat and allow the fan to run to thaw the system. Lowering the temperature or continuing to run the thermostat on COOL can permanently damage the system.


While the Outer Banks isn’t known for getting super cold, even during the winter months, it can be pretty common in late winter for temperatures to remain at and around freezing. Winter storms can also show up, somewhat unexpectedly, with ice, snow, and cold rain. It may take some time for your vacation rental property to warm up in the case of such an event, but you can the following actions to keep your home as warm as possible. 


Best Practices

    • Close all windows, doors, blinds, and curtains
    • Use towels, blankets, etc. to block drafts
    • Ensure vents are not blocked

If you find that your HVAC is not properly heating your home, check to make sure that there is air coming through the vents. If the air is warm, you may need to give the system more time to circulate. If the air is cold, make sure the thermostat has power and is set to WARM/HEAT.

In the event that none of these suggestions remedies your problem, please give us a call at 800-395-2525 so that we can help with further troubleshooting or send out the appropriate maintenance technician.

Electronics & Entertainment (TV, WiFi, Sound Systems/Bluetooth)

Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing on the cozy furniture of your vacation rental while watching a movie, scrolling the internet, or listening to your favorite tunes on the soundsystem. But, as we all know, things can happen and electronics don't always work the way we want them to. See below for some troubleshooting options that may solve your problem and/or rule out certain issues so that we can get you back to enjoying your favorite technology sooner.


WiFi Not Connecting to the Internet

After you’ve confirmed that your WiFi network name and password are correct, the next step is to try power cycling the router and modem.

  1. First, unplug the power cable from the back of each device (router & modem)

  2. Wait about 30-45 seconds

  3. Plug the device back in and allow it to completely reboot.

Any additional troubleshooting will depend on the service provider. If the above method does not correct the issue, please give us a call our office at 800-395-2525 and we will determine what is necessary for further troubleshooting.

TV, Cable, & DVD/Blu-Ray

Most of the time, when the TV isn’t working, it is an input issue that be quickly fixed to get you back to enjoying your movie or the morning news! After you’ve checked to make sure that the TV is plugged in, please try the following steps:


  1. Depending on the type of TV, there will be an INPUT or SOURCE button that changes the input that the TV is on. (Ex. HDMI1, HDMI2, etc). Use the streaming service remote, the TV remote, or the button on the TV to cycle through the sources to ensure that the TV channel you are watching is connected to the appropriate source.

  2. If the home has a cable box, try power cycling the cable box. Unplug the power cable from the back of the cable box and the TV. Wait about 30-45 seconds, reconnect the devices, and plug them back in. Allow them to completely reboot and try the channel again.

Sound Systems & Bluetooth Speakers

If the SoundSystem does NOT have Bluetooth, please confirm that the INPUT/OUTPUT source settings are correct, plugged in, and receiving power. If everything appears to be plugged in correctly and you are still not able to hear sound out of the system OR you are unable to reach the cables/wires/connections, please contact us for further assistance.


If the SoundSystem uses Bluetooth, please try the following troubleshooting steps:


  1. Ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is turned on and plugged in.

  2. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on on your device.

  3. Determine which pairing process this device uses. Sometimes, you will need to have your device near the speaker. Other times, you will need to type in a code. Please consult the user guide; if there is not one available, the user guide can typically be found online.

  4. Make sure your device is discoverable via Bluetooth/

  5. Make sure that both your device and the speaker are close enough to each other.

  6. Turn off your device for a soft reset. You can also do this by going into and out of airplane mode.

  7. If you’ve already connected your device to the speaker, but are not hearing any sound, try deleting the speaker from your device and try pairing it again.

If you’re still having trouble connecting to the Bluetooth Speaker after completing these steps, please give us a call so that we can walk you through additional troubleshooting steps or send out a maintenance technician to assist you.


Just like your own residential home, there are many different appliances in a vacation rental that are important for keeping everyone comfortable. If you are having trouble with any of the in-home appliances, including the refrigerator or the washing machine, please try some of the options below to troubleshoot the issue. In the case that something is missing or broken beyond repair, please make sure to give us a call.


Refrigerator Temperature is High/Not Cooling

This can be an issue, especially when you’ve recently checked in.


First, make sure that the refrigerator is plugged in and the motor running. If this is the case and you have recently put room temperature food and/or drinks in the refrigerator, give the refrigerator time to cool back down. 


Putting food in the refrigerator can bring the temperature up and it may take a while to cool back down. Please be patient and give it some time to see if the refrigerator temperature just needs a little while to catch up. 


It can take up to 24 hours for the refrigerator to fully cool back down if it has been left open for a long time or if a lot of new, room-temperature food has been placed in the refrigerator. To help the refrigerator obtain equilibrium, keep the doors closed as much as possible and set the temperature dials to medium/middle. Also, please be sure that vents are not blocked by groceries, as this can prevent cold air from moving within the refrigerator.


DO NOT put the fridge/freezer on the coldest setting in hopes of cooling it down faster. This can cause the system to overheat and result in further damage.


If it has been an hour or two and you are still having trouble with the refrigerator temperature, please feel free to give us a call at 800-395-2525 and we’ll be happy to send someone out to take a look.

Stoves & Ovens

Please be aware that there are many different makes and models of stoves in our vacation rental properties. The following tips can attempt to remedy the issue and get you cooking faster, but if there is an ongoing problem with the stove, we may have to call in a specialist. Please ensure that there is power to the kitchen/home before completing any of these steps. If at any time you do not feel comfortable troubleshooting, stop what you are doing and contact us at 800-395-2525 and we will send out a maintenance technician.


Electric Stove

If the individual burners on an electric stove are not heating, please check to ensure that the inoperable burner is fully connected to the stove. Check to make sure that the knobs of the stove have been turned to OFF before attempting to do this. If the burner is still not heating after you’ve confirmed it is connected, more than one burner is not heating, or the entire stove does not appear to be heating, you may want to confirm that there is power to the kitchen and give us a call for troubleshooting.


Gas Stove

If the range burner will not light on the gas stove, check to make sure the area around the burner is clean and there is no clogged food in the burner. You may attempt to use a grill lighter or long match to ignite the gas, if you feel comfortable doing so. If the burner still does not light, please give us a call for further troubleshooting. 


If your vacation rental property features a charcoal or propane grill, please be advised that Seaside Vacations does not provide charcoal, but propane should be available at the home. If the grill appears to be out of propane, please confirm that the propane gas tank is attached to the regulator. Once you have confirmed that the tank is empty, please look around the area for a spare. If there is no spare on the property, you may purchase or refill it at a nearby hardware or grocery store and be reimbursed or call our maintenance technicians, and we will bring you a replacement tank.

If the grill is dirty when you arrive, try firing the grill to a high temperature before scrubbing the grates with a grill brush. If there does not appear to be a grill brush at the home, please call us and one of our maintenance technicians will provide one for you.

Washers & Dryers

Please ensure that there is power to the washer and dryer. We can attempt to help you troubleshoot beyond this guide over the phone, but please be advised there are many different makes and models of washers and dryers in our home and, as a result, we may be required to send out a specialist to diagnose the problem accurately. To ensure better operation, please consider the following steps:


  1. Clean out Dryer Vent after Each Use

  2. Limit Load Size

DO NOT attempt to disconnect or reconnect vents or valves. If you suspect the issue is due to a supply hose, valve, vent, or other connection, immediately contact us at 800-395-2525.


Some of our homes feature elevators for your convenience.  Please remember DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN OR PETS TO RIDE THE ELEVATOR UNATTENDED. Children are prohibited from playing in the elevator. Do not leave the door open when the elevator is not in use. Remember that elevators are to be used for transporting luggage and groceries or for the convenience of those with mobility challenges. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in personal injury or damage to the elevator.

If the elevator is not calling to a particular floor or someone is stuck inside the elevator, please ensure that all entry doors for the elevator are closed as an opening may cause the elevator to engage a safety lock. If the doors are closed and there does not appear to be any obvious blockage, immediately call our office at 800-395-2525 so that we may send someone to assist. Please call 911 if you believe there to be an immediate health or safety concern.

Missing or Broken Appliances

Please consult the property’s listing and description for a list of appliances and amenities that are meant to be available at the property. If something that is advertised does not appear to be at the property (coffee maker, blender, toaster, etc.), please give us a call and we will arrange receipt of the appliance. These appliances MUST remain at the rental property. If an amenity or appliance at the property is broken or not working, please contact us at 800-395-2525 to talk with a maintenance technician.

Power Outages

Power outages are certainly one of the more inconvenient issues that you can experience during your Outer Banks vacation. Fortunately, sometimes it can be reasily remedied by resetting an outlet or tripping a breaker. Keep in mind, if the outage is in a larger portion of the home, this could be due to inclement weather conditions.

Power is out on a single outlet

If there is a TEST/RESET button on the outlet, and you are comfortable doing so, press the “REST” button to attempt to restore power. If there is no TEST/REST button, proceed to the next step.

Power is out in a single room or area

This outage is more than likely the result of a tripped breaker. If you are comfortable doing so, locate the panel box and reset the tripped breaker. This can be caused by using too many devices on a single current, so please do not overload circuits with excessive use to avoid tripping a breaker.

Power is out to the entire home

For a housewide power outage, it is most likely the result of an area outage. You may contact Dominion Power at (866) 366-4357 or online at for more information and updates on the outage. You may also contact our office at 800-395-2525 to report the outage.


Pest Control & Insects

While the Outer Banks is the ideal attractive vacation destination, its warm and humid climate and bodies of water can also make for an attractive environment for pests meaning that certain insects and bugs are a normal part of living and staying on the Outer Banks. With water surrounding both sides of the island, pests such as palmetto bugs, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, midges, and ants can be prevalent around your vacation rental home, as they commonly seek out food, sources of water, and cooler temperatures. Be sure to check out our guide to Common Types of Outer Banks Pests for more information.


Midges are small bugs that resemble mosquitos but do not carry diseases. Midges tend to gather in large, dense masses near decks, carports, and in places with lots of light. Because most midges die within 24 hours, pest control of midges has been deemed generally ineffective by most local pest control companies.


In order to reduce the presence of these pests, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights. Lights located under the carport, around the pool, decks, home exterior, etc. are the most common attractors to flying insects

  • Make sure all windows, entry doors and sliding doors are closed

  • Empty any containers or buckets with standing water. These sources of water can be breeding grounds for these pesky flying insects.

  • Midges are more active in the early morning hours and night hours, so plan your outdoor activities and leisure around the times when they are not as active.

Water Bugs/Palmetto Bugs

Waterbugs, also known as “palmetto bugs,” are large, winged insects that prefer dark, damp conditions and thrive in coastal regions like the Outer Banks. We employ regular spray prevention methods in all of our homes, but seeing these large pests is inevitable and it does not mean the home is unsanitary. If there appears to be a large or unseemly number of palmetto bugs in the home, please call us at 800-395-2525 and we will send out a contracted pest control company to spray. 


Here are some things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of encountering palmetto bugs during your stay:

  • Do not leave food out in the open. Instead, put it away in airtight containers after you are finished eating.

  • Clean the kitchen after cooking to remove any leftover crumbs or oils.

  • Take out the trash frequently.

  • Put your pet’s food away overnight.

Pest Prevention

The Outer Banks, while an ideal place to a beach vacation, is also home to many different types of bugs, insects, and pests. This is, in part, due to the warm, temperate climate and waterfront areas that make this a fantastic vacation spot. Seaside Vacations regularly employs pest prevention and pest control measures in each of our homes, but there are still some things that you can do to further prevent pests from adding stress to your vacation.


  • Turn off any lights that you’re not using and be sure to keep exterior lights turned off unless you are actively outside.

  • Keep all doors, windows, and window shades closed at night.

  • Keep all food in airtight containers.

  • Take out the trash frequently.

  • Do not leave your pet’s food out after they are finished eating.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Who doesn't love cooling off in the pool on a hot day or resting their muscles in the warm, bubbly hot tub in the evening? There are some troubleshooting measures you can take if there is an issue with either your pool or your hot tub. It's also important to remember that we do live near the ocean and the same winds that launched the Wright Brothers can also bring sand to places we'd rather it not be. Read some of our troubleshooting tips and best practices for pool and hot tub use below.

There is sand in the pool/hot tub

Unfortunately, sand is a normal part of vacationing on the Outer Banks, and depending on where your rental property is located, it is common for sand to blow into pools and hot tubs. Please make sure everyone in your family group rinses off before getting into the pool or hot tub to limit the amount of extra sand in the water. Sand does not affect the use or cleanliness of the pool or hot tub and should not interfere with the pool’s filtration system. 

My pool is not heating

If your vacation rental property offers pool heating and you have requested pool heating in advance, it may take up to 24 hours from the day of your arrival for the water to fully heat. Air temperature and weather can also influence the effectiveness of pool heating, so please keep this in mind. If the air temperature is too cold (usually below 60°F), the heater may not turn on. Please remember that pool heaters usually only raise the water temperature about 10°F above the normal outdoor temperature. In the case that water is not flowing through the heating jets, please feel free to give us a call.

My hot tub is not heating

If your hot tub is not heating, check to first make sure that there is power to the hot tub and that a breaker has not been tripped, preventing electricity from making its way to the hot tub. Check the display panel on the hot tub to ensure that the temperature is set to the appropriate temperature and allow the hot tub time to warm up. Leaving the hot tub uncovered when not in use can cause the heat to escape. 


If this does not work, you may try resetting the hot tub on the control panel box. The location of this box will vary depending on the brand and model of the hot tub. After turning the hot tub OFF and turning it back on again, allow it time to restart and attempt to heat.

My pool/hot tub is dirty

Sand, leaves, and the occasional insect are a normal occurrence in swimming pools on the Outer Banks. This does not mean that your pool has not been cleaned. Please use the available skimmer or net to remove debris from the pool’s surface. 


If the water appears to be overly cloudy or discolored, please give our office a call so that we can either update you on the status of a pre-arranged cleaning by one of our local partners or dispatch someone to come take a look at the pool.


Keep in mind that is important to shower/rinse before entering the pool as sunscreen, sand, and other products can damage the filtration system. Pets are never allowed in pools or hot tubs and turning off exterior lights when not in use can help prevent swarms of flying insects.

The water is not circulating, filtering, or flowing

In the event that water is not circulating in either the pool or the hot tub, check to make sure that there is power to the system. If there is no matter, a breaker may have been tripped and you may just need to reset the circuit. If there is power to the system, please ensure that the water level rises to ¾ of the skimmer box and use a nearby hose to refill if necessary.

Someone had an “accident” in the pool/hot tub

Please call our office in the event of an accidental biohazard in the water. Immediately close the pool or hot tub and wait for us to provide further instructions.

The pool/hot tub is losing water

Splashing and evaporation are normal causes of water loss. If this is the case, please add additional water to the pool or hot tub with a nearby hose. If you see an active leak or excessive water loss even after refilling, please give us a call.

We felt an electrical shock/ground current/zap near the pool/hot tub

What is “Ground Current?”

Another word for “Ground Current” is stray voltage. This sensation feels like a slight electrical charge that is due to loose electricity having made its way into the ground and what you are feeling is the electric current traveling through the ground. Think of it as more intense static electricity like you get during the winter months.


Is it dangerous?

Not usually. Some pools and hot tubs on the Outer Banks experience this mild ground current which can be more or less prevalent depending on environmental conditions. Using rubber mats or rolled-up towels to prevent ground contact when getting in or out of the water can help mitigate this sensation. 


HOWEVER, if the current becomes more frequent, intense, sustained, or seems to start suddenly, please DO NOT use the pool or hot tub until we can have a licensed electrician come to evaluate the pool/hot tub for safety.

Security & Alarms

Many of our homes maintain pool security systems and all homes will have at least a smoke detector, ensuring the safety of you and your family during your Outer Banks vacation. If you find that there are any issues with the locks on the home or any of the sounding alarms, below you will find several troubleshooting methods for silencing alarms. Most of our homes also operate on a keyless entry system. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on using this system and some basic troubleshooting efforts that can get you into your vacation rental faster.

Security Alarms

Home security alarms should not be operational during the rental season. Do not attempt to use the alarm during your stay. If the alarm sounds for any reason, please contact us immediately at 800-395-2525 for troubleshooting.

Pool Alarms

Some pools are equipped with alarms on the gate or fence to ensure that children do not accidentally open the gate and enter the pool area unattended. To silence the alarm, you must activate a button on the door or gate when opening. Please DO NOT disarm any alarms as this is an important safety precaution.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If an alarm is beeping, it may need to have its batteries replaced. Give us a call so that we can send a maintenance technician to assist and if you feel comfortable doing so, you may attempt to adjust or replace the batteries yourself.


If the alarm is sounding and there is apparent smoke or a fire, make sure everyone exists the home safely and call 911.


If the alarm is sounding and there is no apparent cause, double-check to ensure that there is not a fire in the home. False alarms can be caused by cooking smoke, humidity, moisture, and heat.

Keyless Entry

My Keyless Entry System is Not Working

The keyless entry system is set to activate once all cleaning and maintenance services have been completed at your home prior to check-in or after 5pm. If you’ve paid for early check-in, you will be able to use the keyless entry system once that time has passed. However, if you are sure that there is power to the lock (pressing any button should cause the system to beep and flash), you should follow the instructions below:


  • Be sure to only press ONE BUTTON at a time and press firmly.

  • Enter all digits of your check-in code followed by the lower left button (which will be a # or a ✓).

  • A GREEN flashing light and audible BEEP me means that the door is unlocked and you can center.

  • A RED flashing light means there has been an error and you will need to try again. *NOTE: Please wait until the flashing has stopped before trying again.

Keyless Entry System Timing Errors

  • If you wait 5 seconds or more between pressing buttons, the lock will register an incorrect code and you will need to start again.

  • Entering the incorrect code 4 times will cause the system to LOCK OUT. During this time, lights will flash for 45 seconds. Do NOT attempt to enter the code during this period. Doing so will cause the LOCK OUT mode to reset for another 45 seconds. Once all flashing has stopped, THEN you may try entering the code again. 

If none of these suggestions work or you are still having trouble, please call our office at 800-395-2525 so that we may further assist you.

Water & Plumbing

Clogged and overflowing toilets are no fun, but they are a part of life. If you are having issue with the plumbing or sanitation system in your Outer Banks vacation rental, below are some troubleshooting methods that you can follow to more quickly remedy the issue. Keep in mind that leaks into the home during a storm may be an unfortunate, if common, issue on the Outer Banks. Consider following some of our troubleshooting tips and suggestions to help make your stay more pleasant and dry.


Before doing anything else, try to turn off the water source so that the leak is no longer active. There should be a shut-off valve nearby so be sure to turn it to the OFF position.


If you are unable to find the shut-off valve and cannot stop the flow of water, please find a bucket, bowl, trashcan, cooler, or another container that you can use to collect the water and prevent any further damage to the home. 

Be sure to call our office at 800-395-2525 as soon as possible so that we can call someone to address the leak in person. Don’t attempt to repair the leak on your own.

Weather & Storms

Unfortunately, storms can pop up out of nowhere here in the Outer Banks and sometimes these storms produce what is called “wind-driven rain.” This rain can often be blown into homes by strong winds and cause water to seep in around windows and doors. 


There’s not much that can be done during the storm so be sure to place towels in areas where water is coming in and/or place buckets/pans/coolers, etc. around the home where major leaks occur.

Once the storm has passed, call our office at 800-395-2525 so that we can send a maintenance technician or appropriate service partner to the home for inspection and repair.

No water coming out of the faucets

Most of the time, if you’ve lost water to the entire home, there’s a good chance that the issue is due to an area-wide outage. Still, it’s important to immediately contact our office at 800-395-2525 in this case so that we can work directly with Currituck or Dare County Public Utilities to remedy the situation and give you an accurate estimate for when water service will be restored in your area.

Clogged Toilet

A clog in the toilet will prevent water from flushing the way it’s meant to and can cause a backup in the toilet bowl. Sometimes this can occur naturally through the life cycle of the plumbing system, but if there are kiddos in the home, there’s also a possibility that they’ve attempted to flush a toy, towel, or another object that is not meant to be going down the pipes. Keep an eye on children in the bathroom and be sure to remind them that the toilets in the vacation rental are just like the toilets at home and are not made to be a waterslide for Rainbow Dash.


In the event of a clog, DO NOT try to flush the toilet repeatedly. At the first signs of a backup, stop trying to flush the toilet.


Most clogs can be easily remedied with the use of a plunger, which should be sitting near or behind the toilet. Try plunging before calling maintenance to see if you can get your toilet operational more quickly!

If you’re unable to clear the clog with the plunger, please give us a call at 800-395-2525 and let the maintenance department know which troubleshooting efforts you’ve already tried.

Toilet won’t stop running

If it sounds like water is running constantly in the toilet bowl or you start to see leaks coming from the bowl or the tank, first check to make sure that the flapper is tight in the tank. If you feel comfortable, remove the lid from the tank and make sure that the flapper has not become disconnected from the flush arm/lever. Sometimes, repetitive flushing can cause the chain to loosen or unhook from the flush arm/lever, and repairing the issue is as simple as reconnecting the chain. 

If the lever or any part of the equipment in the tank appears to be damaged, stop troubleshooting and call us at 800-395-2525 so that we can send out a maintenance technician or plumber to fix the issue.

Toilet won’t flush correctly

It can be frustrating when you find that your toilet won’t flush completely, but there are several easy troubleshooting steps that can help get your toilet running and your vacation back on the right track.


First, check to make sure that the toilet isn’t clogged. Even if the water appears to be at a normal level, there could still be a clog further down the drain that’s preventing the water from flowing freely. In this case, follow our steps above for clearing a clogged toilet and see if that allows you to flush.


If this doesn’t work, check the flapper and make sure that the lift chain has not separated from the flush arm/lever. If the chain is disconnected, reconnect the chain and try flushing it again.

Any other issues will need to be taken care of by one of our maintenance technicians or a plumber, so please give us a call at 800-395-2525 to that we may further evaluate the issue and take the appropriate actions to get your toilet flushing again.

Stuck or Loose Toilet Handle

If the toilet handle is loose or stuck and not allowing you to flush, first make sure that the lift chain has not disconnected from the flush arm/lever in the tank. Carefully remove the tank lid and, if you feel comfortable, ensure that the lift chain is properly attached to the flush arm. Reconnect the chain.


If this is not possible or if the chain appears to be functioning properly, call us at (252) 261-5500 for additional assistance.

Trash & Recycling

If you have any questions about how trash and recycling are handled, please first check our Outer Banks Trash Pickup Schedules to determine what days of the week trash is collected in your area. If you are unsure which route your property is located on, you should be able to find this information on the Seaside Vacations sticker in the home. This sticker is usually located somewhere in the kitchen either on or near the refrigerator. 

Bag all trash and place it in the home's outdoor trash receptacles with the lids tightly closed. 

Sanitation Cart Placement: To ensure that your trash and recycling cans are emptied, they must be placed out at the edge of the roadway the day before the scheduled collection service. Trash must be inside cans and the lid must be closed. The following cannot be placed into trash cans and will not be picked up: Oil, propane, paint, charcoal, yard waste, construction debris, or hazardous waste. Trash or recycling placed outside of or on top of the cans cannot be collected. Cans must be removed from the edge of the roadway and placed next to a building as soon as possible on the same day of collection. (Please put trash in the black and brown trash cans.)

Please call our office at 800-395-2525 with any additional questions or concerns.

Important County Numbers

Dare County Non-Emergency – (252) 473-3444
Dare County Sheriff's Department – (252) 475-5980
Currituck County Non-Emergency (Corolla/Carova) – (252) 232-2216
Currituck County Sheriff's Department – (252) 453-2121


After-Hours Emergencies

If you need immediate assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical, CALL 911.

Contact Seaside Vacations during business hours for any maintenance issues or leave a message after business hours and we will return your call the next day.

Our after-hours emergency service is for extreme emergencies only (fire, electrical, lightning strike, water leaks, and lock-outs). Should you have an after-hours emergency, please call our office at 800-395-2525 and listen for the after-hours emergency prompt.

 You will be able to leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

As always, thank you for trusting us with your Outer Banks vacation! We look forward to giving you the best vacation experience possible.