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After-Hours Emergencies

Contact Seaside Vacations during business hours for any maintenance issues or leave a message after business hours and we will return your call the next day.

Our after-hours emergency service is for extreme emergencies only (fire, electrical, lightning strike, water leaks and lock-outs). Should you have an after-hours emergency, please call our office at 252.261.5500 and listen for the after-hours emergency prompt. You will be able to leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

Beach Nourishment and Construction

From time to time it is necessary to replenish our beaches through Beach Nourishment Projects. During these projects, sand will be pumped onto the shoreline by offshore dredges to widen the existing beaches, which have suffered from erosion in many places. The goal of these beach nourishment projects is to replenish and protect the homes and beaches we all love, from coastal storms that threaten our shoreline. These projects will be completed in sections to minimize the impact on visitors to the area and ensure that the beaches are still accessible for your enjoyment.

Beach nourishment projects require management as time goes on. The next round of re-nourishment is tentatively planned for 2022 in the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head. Plans are in the early stages, but a contract has been secured with Coastal Protection Engineering in Wilmington, NC.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes and are confident you understand the importance and necessity of this project so you can continue to return and enjoy the Outer Banks beaches for many years to come. We hope you will choose to make the best of your vacation should you find your stay impacted by the beach nourishment project.

Seaside Vacations cannot predict when or where these jobs will begin or how long they will last. Since we have no control over these situations, no compensation or moves to other properties are possible. 


Click here for the most up-to-date beach nourishment projects.


All cancelled reservations are subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee. All cancelled reservations are subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee. All cancellations must be received in writing. Tenant is responsible for verifying that Seaside Vacations has received their cancellation letter. No refund of payment on confirmed reservations until the canceled period is fully re-rented and confirmed with payment for the same rental amount (if multiple reservations make up the canceled period then all reservations must be confirmed with payment before a refund is processed). Tenant will be responsible for any discounts (plus tax) extended to re-rent the property. Every effort is made to re-rent the home; however, if the home does not re-rent, all monies received will be forfeited. Once re-rented, all payments (less non-refundable travel insurance premium, non-refundable cancellation fee and any discounts) will be returned to the credit/debit card(s) used to secure your reservation. If your card is no longer active (canceled, expired, etc) you will receive your refund by mailed check instead. If you secured your reservation by cash, check, or money order you will receive your refund by mailed check. Please note: Refunds could take up to 30 days to be processed after payment is received on the re-rented period, this could mean not receiving your refund until after the stay begins. Owner approval may be required to switch rental weeks within the same Property. Changes from a higher rental rate to a lower rental rate will remain at the higher rate unless the original higher rate week is fully re-rented and confirmed. In the event the canceled period is not re-rented, guest is not entitled to any claim against Seaside Vacations or Owner arising out of Guest’s inability to complete his/her vacation plans for any reason outside of the control of Seaside Vacations or Owner. Please note: Nonpayment of any deposits or balances due may result in reservation cancellation.

Please contact a Vacation Specialist at 866.884.0267 to request a copy of the cancellation form. Once complete, the form is to be submitted to Finance by fax to 252-261-0165 or emailed to


Check-in starts at 5:00 p.m. on your date of arrival.

We make our best effort to see that your home is ready by 5:00 p.m. However, there are some situations where additional cleaning and maintenance is required and homes may not be ready until after 5:00 p.m. When necessary, we reserve the right to extend check-ins to allow extra time for cleaning or maintenance. Tenants may not go to the property (including driveways and outside showers) prior to check-in, as this will delay the cleaning and maintenance process.

Keep the following in mind during your stay:

  • Please be respectful of the owner’s property. Do not move furniture.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is on.
  • Do not turn the thermostat below 72 degrees in the summer; you may freeze the unit and it can take up to 24 hours to thaw and begin cooling the home.
  • Grilling is not permitted on decks.
  • Do not remove any item from the home. (Some homes have additional security.)
  • Owners’ closets are clearly marked and off limits. Please do not try to open.
  • Follow all posted pool and hot tub rules. Children must be supervised by an adult in the pool area at all times. No pets are allowed in the pool, pool area or hot tub.
  • If an alarm sounds on a pool entry door, please close the door, locate the alarm, and press the button to deactivate for a 10-second window for entry or exit. Under no circumstance, should you disable the alarm. The pool alarm is required by NC law and tampering with the alarm will result in a $500 penalty.
  • Please do not overfill the refrigerator or block venting for optimal cooling.
  • Allow up to 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool after filling with groceries.

Early Check-In
For an additional $125 fee (plus tax), guests may check-in at 2:00 p.m. as homes become available. This fee applies whether or not you arrive prior to regular check-in time. Early check-in is subject to availability and only available for homes with up to five (5) bedrooms. Contact a Vacation Specialist at 866.884.0267 to request an early check-in.*  

After-Hours Check-In
For guests who have rented a home that is not keyless, and do not arrive prior to 7:00 p.m. on check-in day, a drop box is located at the front door of our office located at 3620 N. Croatan Hwy. Kitty Hawk, NC 27949. Keys and check-in packets will be left in the drop box for guests who have returned a signed lease and who have paid for their reservation in full.

*Some services may not be completed prior to early check-in and guests should expect staff or vendors to service the home in the afternoon or early evening.


Check-out is at 9:00 a.m. on day of departure. Cleaning crews arrive at the home at 9:00 a.m.; your prompt departure is appreciated.

All keys are to be returned to our office upon departure. (Keyless entry guests do not have to stop by the office to check out.)

Please leave the home tidy by completing the following items:

  • Remove only the fitted/flat sheets from all beds and leave them piled at the foot of the bed
  • Clean out the refrigerator and leave the refrigerator/freezer settings on medium
  • Place all trash in the cans provided or in a nearby dumpster. Move trash cans/recycle bins to the edge of the street the night before you leave. Make sure all trash is placed INSIDE of the cans, or the trash will not be picked up (Pick-up is done prior to dawn.)
  • Please wash and put away all dishes or place them in the dishwasher and begin the cleaning cycle
  • Turn the thermostats to 75 degrees (summer) and 55 degrees (winter)
  • Please turn off all inside and outside lights
  • Leave grills, furniture, and accessories as you found them
  • Remove toys/trash from the pool area
  • Make sure the hot tub cover is secure
  • Make sure the propane tank has been shut off for all gas grills
  • If you have rented a pet-friendly home, please be sure you have cleaned up any pet waste from the premises
  • Please clean any and all grills using the grill brush provided
  • If any member of your party has smoked outside, please be sure all cigarette butts have been picked up from the grounds
  • Check closets, drawers and under beds for personal items
  • If you logged into a smart device or streaming program with your personal login information, be sure to log out
  • Please make sure you close and secure all windows and doors and also have someone check the security of all doors and windows from outside the home

Late Check-Out
For an additional $75 fee (plus tax), guests may check out by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.*

*Late check-out is not available for all homes or during peak season. Contact a Vacation Specialist at 866.884.0267 to request a late check-out.


Every effort has been made to ensure that our descriptions, available amenities, rates and distances to ocean accesses are accurate. However, we cannot be held responsible for changes made by owners in furnishings or equipment, inaccurate descriptions, distance to ocean errors, printing errors, or errors on any third party sites, such as but not limited to, Airbnb,, VRBO, etc.

We regret that we will be unable to move you to another home or compensate you for errors or omissions that may be included on our website or any third-party site.

Dog Friendly Homes

Most dog friendly homes allow up to two (2) mature, house-trained dogs (75-pound limit). Dogs are not allowed in any rental home unless otherwise indicated. Cats and other animals are not permitted. A $175 fee (plus tax) per dog per week is added to the rental amount. Dogs (and any other animal) are not allowed in pools, hot tubs or spas. Tenants are responsible for any damage incurred by their dog, as this type of damage is not covered under our Security Deposit Waiver Fee. Owners of dogs at non-dog homes will be subject to a $200 unauthorized pet fee and may be evicted without a refund. 

Please be aware that all of our beaches have leash laws.


Fireplaces are available for use from November through early March. Only advertised fireplaces are available for guest use. If the home has a gas fireplace, Seaside Vacations will make every effort to ensure that is operational during the guest’s stay; however, we cannot guarantee fireplace operation. Propane deliveries may take several days and cannot be guaranteed.

If the home has a wood-burning fireplace, guests are responsible for purchasing the firewood. 


We are pleased to offer additional linens and towels and mid-week cleaning. Contact a Vacation Specialist at 866.884.0267 for details and prices.


Hurricane season lasts from June 1st until November 30th each year. We will publish any pertinent hurricane information on the homepage of our website.

In the unfortunate event that a hurricane should threaten the Outer Banks, it is important that you immediately follow instructions given by local authorities and Seaside Vacations for the safety of your family/friends, our employees, and our first responders. Under NC law, Seaside Vacations will not issue refunds in the event there is an evacuation due to a tropical system/hurricane. However, we do strongly recommend you purchase the travel insurance as explained in the Travel Insurance section of these policies to protect your vacation investment should there be an evacuation due to a tropical system/hurricane.

Keys and Keyless Entry

Most of our homes provide keyless entry allowing you to go straight to the home with no need to stop at our rental office to check-in or to check out. Guests staying in keyless entry homes will be sent their access code prior to arrival. 

If you rent one of our few homes that don't, please adhere to the following: 

Upon check-in, you will receive keys to your vacation home. All keys are to be returned to our office upon departure.

Lockouts: There is a $25 charge for delivering keys. This is payable to the person who lets you in. (Vendors will not usually make service calls after business hours.)

Lost and Found

Seaside Vacations will not be responsible for any items that you leave in your rental home. Lost items will be held for two (2) weeks. After that time, all unclaimed items will be donated to a local charitable organization. If requested, items left behind will be returned via U.S. mail. A $25 handling fee, plus postal charges, will apply to all returns.

Mail and Messages

After you have checked into your home, we strongly recommend that you contact any relatives/friends who may wish to get in touch with you during your stay and provide them with the home’s phone number. We will not release any information pertaining to a guest over the phone. If an individual calls trying to reach a guest, we will take a message and hold it at the front desk of your check-in office. It is the responsibility of the guest to check for messages. 

Any mail received will be held at the front desk of your check-in office. It is the responsibility of the guest to check for mail. Any mail not claimed prior to the respective guest’s checkout date will be returned to sender.

Faxes & Copies: Seaside Vacations will be happy to receive and send faxes for a fee of $1 per page. Copies are also $1 per page. Fax and copy services are available at our Kitty Hawk office.

Mini-Vacations / Any Day Stays

Mini-vacations (also known as Any Day Stays) are stays of less than seven (7) nights. Many of our properties allow Any Day Stays with a minimum 3 nights (in some cases 2 nights), either any time of year or just in the non-summer months. You pick your check-in day. Perfect for those who need a short escape! Take a look at our list of homes that offer Any Day Stays here.

Non-Family Groups (aka Social Groups)

Seaside Vacations' policy is to rent to family groups only. However, there are some properties that allow social groups. 

If you are a social group renting a Seaside Vacations property (that allows social groups), you must sign a separate, special addendum in addition to the Seaside Vacations Lease Agreement.

Social Group Addendum Terms and Conditions:  

  • A “social group” includes such groups as high school students, college or civic groups, etc. 
  • This addendum must be signed by the same individual signing the lease agreement (leaseholder).  The leaseholder acknowledges that he/she is at least 25 years old and understands that he/she must take possession of the home on check-in day and personally occupy the property for the duration of the lease. Property keys/keyless codes will only be released to the leaseholder.  
  • Social group reservations require a refundable $1,000.00 security deposit to be paid with the final payment. This security deposit will be refunded 30 days from departure, provided there is no damage or excessive cleaning required at the property. In addition to the $1,000.00 security deposit, Seaside Vacations requires a valid credit card to be kept on file. 
  • Seaside Vacations reserves the right to inspect the property at any time during your stay.  Property inspections will be without notice. If an inspection reveals any damage, cleaning issues, and/or illegal activities including underage drinking or use of illegal drugs your group may be required to vacate the premises with no refund of any monies paid. 
  • Any damages found will be assessed and the cost of repair(s) will be deducted from the $1,000.00 security deposit. If the cost of repair(s) exceeds the $1,000.00 security deposit, the credit card on file will be billed.


Seaside Vacations is authorized to rent only to family groups. A family group is defined as: parents, grandparents, children and extended family members. Tenant acknowledges that he/she is at least 25 years old and understands that he/she must personally occupy the property for the entire period. Tenant further acknowledges he/she may not rent the property for non-family group use such as high school, college or civic groups and to do so constitutes a material breach, which is grounds for immediate eviction as set forth herein. Agent reserves the right to refund advance payment and refuse occupancy if said occupancy is determined to be detrimental to the premises.

Maximum occupancy of the property is two (2) persons per bedroom. Under no circumstances shall occupancy exceed this number. Occupancy of the rental property includes children, except infants in cribs.  

Please note: No campers or mobile units may be parked at the home for the purpose of additional sleeping space. Exceeding maximum occupancy is a material breach of the rental agreement and may lead to termination without a refund.

Owner Closets

Many of our homeowners maintain a locked closet and or utility room in their home for storage of personal items. Please respect these locked closets and storage rooms and do not attempt to open them.

Any damage to this area of the rental property will be billed directly to the guest, since this type of damage is willful and not covered under the Security Deposit Waiver Fee.


An advance rental payment of one-half (50%) of the rent and travel insurance (optional) is required at time of booking reservation. If signed lease agreement and payment are not received within two (2) days, the reservation will be canceled. 

For guests booking 3 months or more in advance of the check-in date, Seaside Vacations offers a hassle-free layaway payment plan. Once you have your reservation confirmed and your first payment is made, your payments will occur regularly each month (the date depends on the day you have chosen via the credit card that you authorize and length of time left to pay before your arrival). The payments are the same amount each month which simplifies budgeting and planning. The last payment will be made 30 days before your arrival date giving you peace of mind knowing that everything is set and ready to go upon arrival. For assistance in setting up a layaway plan, please call our Vacation Specialists at 866.884.0267 for assistance.

Personal checks are accepted for advance rental amounts, balances, and security deposit payments provided the check is received 30 days prior to the date of arrival. For payments received 30 days or less prior to the date of arrival, payment must be made in the form of certified or cashier's check, money order, MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, or American Express®.

Final payments are required 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. An email reminder is sent 45 and 30 days in advance of your arrival date reminding you of your final payment.

When making your remittance, please be sure that the name of the leaseholder can be found on your check/money order, along with your reservation number.

All advance rent amounts and rents will be deposited in an interest-bearing trust account at TowneBank at 2 Juniper Trail, Southern Shores, NC, and the interest accrued to Seaside Vacations, Inc.

Pools and Hot Tubs

For 2024, Seaside Vacations will open all private pools (heated and unheated) on March 31, 2024* and close all pools (heated and unheated) the weekend of October 12, 2024.*

Heated service for private pools requires one week’s notice prior to your date of arrival. There is an additional fee to heat the pool. Cost varies according to pool size and is only available on homes that offer pool heat as an amenity. Please contact one of our guest services representatives at 866.884.0267 to find out the cost to heat a specific pool. Most pool heaters heat five to eight degrees above outside air temperatures.

Outdoor community pools are generally open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and are only open to guests and homeowners of the particular community. The exact date for each community pool varies.

Pools are serviced either by Seaside Vacations or the homeowner’s chosen provider. All pools and hot tubs serviced by Seaside Vacations are cleaned, serviced, and chemically treated between guest arrivals on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please do not use pools or hot tubs before 5:00 PM on your arrival day.

An additional mid-week service and treatment is provided for all hot tubs and pools serviced by Seaside Vacations.

Guests understand and agree that Seaside Vacations, its employees and property owners are not responsible for any accidents that may occur regarding the use of the pool, hot tub and/or other equipment.

Please be aware that there are particular risks involved with using pools and hot tubs. It is important to read the information given to you at check-in to familiarize yourself with safety policies pertaining to the pool and hot tub use. Pool open and close dates are subject to change without notice, and no refunds will be given. Pools and spas are not guaranteed to be accessible upon guest arrival.

*Please note: Pool open and close dates are approximate and are not guaranteed to open or close on the dates specified above.

Special Events

Select homes managed by Seaside Vacations have been designated as “event homes.” These homes are available to host your special event (wedding, reunion, business gathering, etc.). Written permission from Seaside Vacations is required. Event home rental includes a $1,500 to $2,000 non-refundable event fee (depending on the home) and a $1,000 refundable security deposit.

View our Weddings and Events rentals and contact a vacation specialist at 866.884.0267 for more information.

Trash and Recycling

Each tenant is responsible for properly disposing of all trash during, and at the conclusion, of their stay. Please make sure all trash from within the home is put into the designated trash/recycle can be located at the property. These cans must be rolled to the edge of the street the night before the scheduled trash pick-up, as Waste Management arrives very early in the morning. Trash and recycling collections are twice per week during the “In” season. The trash/recycling collection days will be posted on the refrigerator in your rental property. If this information is missing, please call our office to confirm the collection days.

Please note: Any trash/recycling that is not put in the trash/recycle can(s) and rolled to the street will not be picked up by Waste Management. Trash/recycling that is found to have not been taken down to the street or that does not fit into the designated container will result in a $65 charge to the leaseholder’s credit card on file.

Please click here to see what days the trash at your rental property will be collected.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides a wide array of protection, including theft, baggage delay, medical costs and cancellation due to unforeseen illness or death, job loss, military deployment, damage to your primary residence, as well as evacuation in the event that vacation time is lost due to any mandatory evacuations ordered by Dare or Currituck County Emergency Management. By purchasing travel insurance, you can insure your vacation. Travel Insurance is offered through Red Sky - Sun Trip Preserver.

The Sun Trip Preserver program may be purchased until final rent payment has been made. Please note, coverage will not be retro-active and will not cover pre-existing conditions if it is not purchased at time of booking, and coverage will not be provided for a hurricane if you purchase the plan after the hurricane has been named by the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

To file a claim, you must first contact Seaside Vacations to cancel your reservation. Once cancellation has been confirmed you may begin the claims process by visiting or calling 1-866-889-7409.

Please be aware that if you cancel your reservation, certain restrictions may apply. You must confirm your cancellation request in writing to be eligible to have your week re-rented. If we are successful in re-renting the home, we will return your payment - less any travel insurance premiums you may have paid and a $175 Cancellation Fee.

Once the travel insurance is purchased, you may cancel your insurance coverage within 14 days granted 1) departure has not occurred and 2) you have not filed a claim.

To learn more about everything Travel Insurance covers, please click here.