10 Reasons to Visit the Outer Banks During the Off-Season

Outer Banks of North Carolina Off-Season

Crisp mornings, pleasant days and gentle night breezes…all at a much slower pace.  Welcome to our well-kept secret. Welcome to the off-season on the Outer Banks.

If you ask the locals, it’s the perfect time of the year on the Outer Banks…

After all, this is the time of year when the Outer Banks welcomes you with special rates and personalized service, when local store clerks look up with a smile when the door chimes open, and when you can drop in to any big-name restaurant and immediately be seated at a choice table. Best of all, stay in the off season on the Outer Banks, and you may actually have the beach to yourself.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 great reasons to visit the Outer Banks in the off-season - everything from our savory fresh-caught seafood to cozy nights by warm fireplaces. While everyone else is paying top dollar to stay during the summer months, you’ll be soaking in the relaxation, solitude and the satisfaction of a fabulous getaway...at a great bargain.

10. Computer? Check. Notes? Check. Brainstorming Sessions in the Sand? Amazing.

The http://www.outerbanksvacations.com/outer-banks.htm is an ideal setting for a successful blend of meeting and merrymaking - especially during the off season.

Great meetings are about more than what goes on inside the conference room. The Outer Banks have the uncanny power to clear the mind and rejuvenate the spirit, paving the way to productive meetings. Our serene setting allows meeting participants to focus their minds and unlock their creativity, ensuring guilt-free breakout sessions on our picturesque beaches.

Imagine…hosting your next meeting in a crowded hotel conference room.  Or….discussing ideas around a large table overlooking the beautiful blue Atlantic.  Where would you be most creative? Bring your group to the Outer Banks for a productive time full of conversation, sea air, and seafood. 

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Outer Banks Groups and Meetings

9. No Reservations Required

Well-known for our fresh, locally-caught seafood, you’ll be delighted by the wide-ranging offering of culinary delights in unique settings – even during the off season.  Outer Banks restaurants serve everything from Italian standards, to Southwestern and French cuisine.  And don’t worry, no matter the time of year, you can always find our famous North Carolina barbecue with a side of hushpuppies.

And the best thing about our off season dining experience?  No reservations.  No more 45-minute waits.  And still just as many delectable choices.

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Outer Banks Restaurants

8. Flip Flops Welcome Year Round

No matter the time of year, you'll find that it is always a great time to be on the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks typically has mild weather year-round with the ocean waters staying warm through November and then warming up again in May.

The weather in the fall is ideal with warm days and cool evenings. The ocean water is still warm from the summer months - and not too cool for swimming until almost Thanksgiving.   

Winter is the most tranquil season on the Outer Banks.  The weather is still mild, but there is a refreshing chill in the air, and the water is mesmerizing to watch, but too cold to enter…unless you are one of the daring winter surfers or one of many taking the “polar plunge.”  On the rare occasion it does snow, it is incredible to see a beach wonderland covered in a delicate layer of white.

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Great Weather Year-Round

7. Adventure, History, Culture...and More

From kayaking, hang-gliding and wild horses to our famed lighthouses and boutique shopping, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the off season on the Outer Banks.

The world-class surfing on the Outer Banks reaches its peak in the fall with consistent swell throughout the season.  The fishing is also at its best during the fall, with a typical Outer Banks fall morning displaying a gorgeous sunrise silhouetting a shoreline dotted by surfcasting fishing enthusiasts. 

In addition to beach activities, many Outer Banks events are scheduled in the fall to make the most of the gorgeous weather. From art galleries, to The Lost Colony, the North Carolina Aquarium, Wright Brothers museum, Pea Island nature reserve, the impressive lighthouses, and much more, the Outer Banks has astounding activities and attractions that can fill all of the available time you have.

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World-Class Outer Banks Surfing

6. 'Tis the Season

Skip the crowded airports. Stop fighting over whose house will host the holiday dinner this year. Start a new family tradition by coming together to celebrate the holiday season and make the Outer Banks your home-away-from-home.

The holiday season on the Outer Banks is something to behold! Our barrier island comes alive with festive Outer Banks events that set the stage for fun family reconnecting. From concerts and festivals to art shows and open houses…the holiday cheer abounds!

So, no matter how crazy your daily life gets, spend the holidays on the Outer Banks doing what you love to do. Laughing out loud. Playing in the sand. And spending time with loved ones around a bountiful feast. After all, some of your family's best memories could be made here.

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Celebrate the Holidays on the Outer Banks

5. Nights in Rodanthe, Anyone?

Why not leave the family behind...and take some time to rekindle the romance (the sitting-snug-by-a-crackling-fire kind). From long walks by the ocean to brilliant sunsets over the sound, you'll discover that the romance is all around.

And when you combine the tranquility of our beautiful beaches with the amenities of a Seaside Vacations property, you’re creating the perfect romantic escape. Not only will they love you for whisking them away, but they’ll also fall in love with the off-season on the Outer Banks.

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Couple on Beach Outer Banks North Carolina

4. A Family Affair

Off season on the Outer Banks is the perfect setting for fun family reconnecting. The vast stretches of empty shoreline, the crashing of the waves, the long walks in the refreshing ocean breezes, all the seashells you can carry and the serene natural beauty—this picturesque scene is staged just for you.

And don't forget the other members of your family! The off season is the perfect time of year to bring your furry friends for a frolic on the beach!

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Family on Beach Outer Banks

3. Fully Stocked

So maybe you won’t be donning a bathing suit and lounging on a chaise the way you might under the hot summer sun. If the weather isn't picture perfect, no matter. Most Seaside Vacations homes come stocked with everything you'll need (and more) to have just as much fun inside as outside. From board games and DVDs, to cozy fireplaces and warm relaxing hot tubs...you'll find that you may never need to leave.

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Fireplaces Are a Must for the Off Season

2. Out of Season Vacations = Out of Your Mind Prices

Yes, the air and water are still warm but the prices have cooled.

One of the biggest draws for off-season visitors is the amazing deals they can find on an Outer Banks vacation rental.  An impressive eight-bedroom oceanfront house in Kill Devil Hills that rents for $10,050 a week in July rents for $2,815 a week in November. And a five-bedroom home in Nags Head drops from $3,720 to $825! 

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Amazing Deals in Outer Banks Vacation Rental Homes During Off Season

Sure, the above reasons may be enough to convince you to visit the Outer Banks in the off season. However, the most striking thing about the Outer Banks in the fall and early winter is ...

1. Our Pristine Natural Beauty

Spectacular sunrises over the Atlantic. Radiant golden sunsets over the sound. Pristine (and empty) windswept beaches and rolling dunes covered in swaying sea oats. A place of unparalleled beauty where time seems to slow and where breathtaking beauty envelops the spirit and sets it soaring. This is the off season on the Outer Banks.

A Radiant Sunset Over the Currituck Sound

So, if you’re looking to escape the crowds and find a peaceful vacation in a beautiful spot at the edge of the world, visit the Outer Banks in the off season.  It just may be that a sweet escape to our wind-swept coast is exactly the getaway you’re looking for.

Search now for your perfect fall Outer Banks vacation rental...

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