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As you probably already know, there are many different species of ants. These include black ants, pavement ants, fire ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and even massive hoards of super tiny, frantic ones aptly named “crazy ants”. But no matter the species, they all seem to forage for food and water.

If you encounter ants in your home, please let us know. We have procedures in place to remedy ant resurgences. This may include sending a contracted pest control company or having one of our techs come out and spray the home, pending on how frequent the sightings are. Fire ants are no different from most other living creatures -- to survive, they need water and food. Our preventative tips for what you can do are based on controlling food and water remnants on the property.

While we regularly spray for ants, we also recommend the following tips for avoiding any fire ant infestations in and/or around the home during your stay:

  • Clean leftover food and drink spills immediately. Unattended spills are a primary source of ant nutrition. 
  • Place all your leftover foods in airtight containers and put them away.
  • Remove your pet’s food and drink bowls after they are finished.

Do all ants bite?

In short, yes -- nearly all ants bite or sting. Fortunately, most are too small to pierce the skin of humans. But the less than likelihood of always being bitten/stung doesn’t negate the fact that infestations can ruin the peace within a home.

When I’ve stepped on some ants, they give off a strange smell. What types of ants are these?

These are odorous house ants. They’re becoming more common in Outer Banks homes and emit a foul smell, like rotten coconuts, when crushed.