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Midges. Aka “fuzzy bills”, aka “no see-ums.”

While midges resemble mosquitoes, they are not mosquitoes. They are quite common in coastal areas and they do not bite nor carry diseases. Midges tend to gather in very large, dense masses on the sides of homes, decks, vegetation and carports, and they are highly attracted to light. Midges tend to gravitate towards high ceilings and lamps and while they typically die in 24 hours, they can survive 3 to 5 days. Pest control of midges has been deemed ineffective by local pest control companies due to the nature of a midge's habitat and life cycle.


In order to reduce the presence of these pests, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights. Lights located under the carport, around the pool, decks, home exterior, etc. are the most common attractors to flying insects
  • Make sure all windows, entry doors and sliding doors are closed
  • Empty any containers or buckets with standing water. These sources of water can be breeding grounds for these pesky flying insects.
  • Midges are more active in the early morning hours and night hours, so plan your outdoor activities and leisure around the times when they are not as active.