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North Carolina Enters Phase 2.5 - Safer At Home - September 4 at 5:00 p.m.

What does this Order change?

• Mass gathering limits will be increased to 25 people indoors and 50 people outdoors.

• Playgrounds will be allowed to open.

• Museums and aquariums can open at 50% capacity.

• Fitness and competitive physical activity facilities can open at 30% capacity.

• All employers in North Carolina are strongly encouraged to provide face coverings to their employees.


What remains the same under Phase 2.5?

• Bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, amusement parks, dance halls, and other entertainment facilities will remain closed.

• Restaurants remain subject to capacity limits and other requirements for in-person dining.

• Personal care businesses such as hair salons, nail salons, barbershops and more remain subject to capacity limits and other requirements.

• Large venues remain subject to the mass gathering limits.

• Wedding receptions and other private events remain subject to the mass gathering limits.

• Face coverings are still required in public.

Face Coverings Must Be Worn In Indoor and Outdoor Public Spaces Where Social distancing Cannot Be Maintained Beginning Sunday, June 21 at 9am.

Dare County officials have updated the Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 to include a mandate that face coverings be worn in indoor and outdoor public spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained. This measure becomes effective Sunday, June 21 at 9 a.m. To view the full order, click here

The updated declaration covers all areas of Dare County including the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo and the unincorporated areas of Dare County, including Hatteras Island and the Dare mainland.

This decision comes following discussion by officials regarding the current state guidelines that strongly encourage face coverings. Voluntary compliance with face covering recommendations has not been effective within Dare County and local business owners have requested a stronger tool for compliance. 

There are some exceptions to the updated mandate including for those dining in a restaurant, for reasons related to medical or behavioral conditions, and for children under the age of 12. The complete list of exceptions is available here

Wearing a face covering or mask in public when unable to social distance is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of the Outer Banks community. Keep in mind that there may be justifiable reasons some individuals are not wearing a mask or cloth face-covering in public. Please be kind, show compassion, and wear your mask to protect those who can't.

For more information on cloth face coverings and frequently asked questions on the response to COVID-19 in Dare County, please visit

North Carolina Enters Phase Two - Safer At Home - May 22 at 5:00 p.m.

As visitors prepare for vacation, it is important to remember that the coronavirus is not over. There are still State and local restrictions in effect to protect everyone’s safety that may impact the way you have vacationed on the Outer Banks in the past, including: 

  • Social distancing guidelines are still in place.

  • Gatherings are limited to 10 people or less indoors/25 outdoors (beginning at 5:00 PM 5/22).

  • Restaurants, pools and salons are operating at 50% capacity w/ other requirements (beginning at 5:00 PM 5/22).

  • Businesses, including grocery stores, have limits on the number of people allowed in the store at any given time based on square footage.

  • Bars/nightclubs, museums, playgrounds, gyms & fitness studios, and indoor entertainment venues (movies, bowling, bingo, etc.) are not open yet based on state regulations which are not determined or controlled by our local government.  Click here to view the NC Phase Two infographic.

Also, remember that the CDC recommends not to travel if you are sick or were recently exposed (within 14 days) to COVID-19.

Like many places in the United States, all shoppers should expect to see changes in product availability at grocery and retail outlets as supply chain demand fluctuates across the nation. If possible, visitors should bring essentials with them, including paper and sanitizing products and non-perishable groceries. 

Updated information about entry to Dare County, including frequently asked questions, is available on the Dare County website at Comprehensive information and resources related to the coronavirus can be found at

For information regarding entry to Ocracoke Island, visit and for Hyde County information and resources related to the coronavirus visit  

For updated information regarding the Currituck Outer Banks, visit

Click here for Phase Two FAQ's.

COVID-19 Preparedness

How Will Seaside Vacations Minimize the Risk of Guests Getting Sick

Seaside Vacations has taken the necessary precautions to minimize your risk of contracting COVID-19 or any other illness in the future. Here are the changes we are making in our office and rental homes:

  • All staff members in the field have been provided with masks and gloves.
  • All other staff members are encouraged to work remote.
  • Housekeepers will now employ a 3-step disinfecting process when cleaning rental homes:
  • All homes will be sanitized with 1) BNC-15—a chemical disinfectant by Spartan Chemical that kills Coronavirus (per the American Chemistry Council), 2) our regular bacteria-destroying cleaning products, and 3) re-sanitized with Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant for extra protection—a cleaner also approved to kill the Coronavirus (per the American Chemistry Council).
  • We are also using a disinfectant called PreventX. This item is safe on all surfaces including soft surfaces (Comforters, Pillow, Upholstery, and Carpets). This item has a 90-day coverage timeframe to kill the Covid-19 virus once it touches the surface that has been protected by PreventX. This will be used on top of other safety products and along with our routine cleaning and sanitizing each week between guest stays.
  • Housekeepers will pay extra attention to items that guests touch often during their visit (remote controls, entry keypads, door handles, stair railings, washer/dryer buttons, cabinet handles, etc.)
  • All homeowners have been given the option to install MERV-13 air filters in their home (filters which are proven to catch a higher percentage of smaller particles in the air and are the same quality filters used in hospitals and surgery centers).

Does Red Sky Travel Insurance Cover My Trip if Canceled?

Many travelers have been asking if their Red Sky Travel Insurance policy will cover their trip if they must cancel due to Coronavirus. As each individual’s situation is different, guests should call Red Sky’s toll-free customer service number directly to discuss any travel concerns with a coverage specialist at (866) 889-7409.

Amid the recent development of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand you may be concerned about your future travel plans to the Outer Banks. Our company has been monitoring the situation closely because your health is our top priority. As such, we wanted to take this time to answer some of your questions:

What is Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new novel coronavirus that was first identified last year in Wuhan, China. This strain of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is different than other coronaviruses you may be familiar with like SARS-CoV (SARS) or MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome/MERS).

COVID-19 spreads person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Although coronaviruses have poor surface survivability, experts do agree that there is a chance of contracting the illness by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes after touching a contaminated surface. This is why properly disinfecting surfaces and washing your hands is so important. Because of the poor surface survivability, there is a low risk of contracting COVID-19 from food products or packaged products that have been shipped from overseas. Currently, the CDC does not know if warm weather will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Although anyone could potentially contract COVID-19, there are several groups who are more at risk, including international travelers, healthcare workers, and those who have had contact with COVID-19 positive individuals. Elderly adults or people with serious medical conditions who test positive for COVID-19 are most susceptible to becoming severely ill. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing and if you have any of these symptoms, you should call your primary care physician or local health department for further instructions.

COVID-19 in North Carolina

Currently, cases of COVID-19 have been reported in all 50 states. The North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services are implementing the necessary proactive measures to reduce exposure risks and Dare County officials are following these same precautions for the Outer Banks.

Keeping Yourself Healthy While On Vacation

Guests can these additional steps to mitigate their risk of getting sick while enjoying the OBX in the future.

· Wear a facemask when in public.

· Continuously wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

· Use hand sanitizer with at least a 60% alcohol content if you are unable to get to a sink.

· Never touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without first washing your hands.

· Sanitize surfaces throughout the week that have been touched with unwashed hands (for example: coming home from a public place and then touching the doorknob)

· When in public, avoid close contact with anyone who is sick and avoid crowded areas, especially if you are more at risk.

· Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after pumping gas and touching cash/card machines.

· Regularly sanitize items that you use regularly that you may accidentally touch with unwashed hands (such as your phone, laptop keyboards, car door handles, steering wheels, etc.)

Seaside Vacations understands the importance of keeping our guests safe and hopefully, we have answered your questions about what is happening on the Outer Banks during this global pandemic. In the coming weeks, we will be carefully monitoring the situation of COVID-19 in North Carolina and will update you again if instances change. For more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19), please check out the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s: Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Our Housekeeping Department’s sanitation improvements

Learn more about MERV-13 air filters

Thank You To Our Guests