How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Tips for Getting Rid of Sand

How to Keep Sand at the BeachA day on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks means lots of fun in the sun....and sand.

Not only is it irritatingto leave the beach covered in sand, but if your belongings are caked with sand,it can, and will, quickly find its way into your car and vacation home.

Although it is impossible to leave every grain of sand onthe beach, you can seriously limit the amount of sand you take off the beach byfollowing a few simple steps.

Try mesh.

Buy an open mesh or plastic bag to take to the beach. No matter how hard youtry, your bag and belongings collect sand on the beach, but a bag that allowssand to fall out helps you leave as much sand on the beach as possible.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Try a mesh bag.
Grab a chair.

Sit on chairs instead of towels. Chairs can be dipped in the water before youleave the beach, ridding them of any excess sand, however wet towels collectsand and are heavy. Use your towels to simply dry yourself off and keep warm.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Grab a chair.
Wear flip flops.

Wear flip-flops or other open-toe shoes. Sneakers and otherclosed-toe shoes can become filled with sand and they also do not allow sand tofreely fall out while walking.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Wear flip flops.
Take the plunge.

Before packing up and heading home, take a dip in the ocean to loosen and remove sand in your bathing suit. (For stubborn grains, you can try quickly pullingoff your suit and putting it back on while submerged.)

Next, make sure to swim back to shore in calmer water just behind a big wave. Swells tend to stir up loose sand, so catching a wave will just get you gritty all over again.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Take the plunge.

After a gingerly walk through the sand, do a final rinse under the beachside shower. Don't forget the feet! You're all set for a sand-free walk to the car.

Be sure to also rinse out toys and buckets before packing them up. Rinsing toys isn't always a fun thing to do at the end of the day, but the less sand you bring back, the easier your load. Buckets with sand can weigh you down, and you eventually have to get rid of the sand somewhere.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Rinse.
Baby's not just for babies.

Keep a bottle of baby powder handy. Sprinkle it on your feet and hands to helpremove any residual sand before you load up in your car.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Use baby powder.
Use an old sheet.

Line your trunk with an old bedsheet so you can store all your beach gear on it. Then shake it out and wash it after you return home.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Use an old sheet.
Intercept it.

Keep household members from tracking sand in. Have a hose nd acouple of plastic chairs just outside the front door; instruct the kids to sitdown and rinse off their feet before they come into the house.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Intercep the sand.
Trap it.

Bristly "Welcome" mats outside the front and back doors will catch sand on feet before it can get through the door. Small rugs just inside each door will help as well.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Trap sand using a welcome mat.
Confine it.

Keep swimsuits in one area; a laundry room or back porch is ideal,but you can create a makeshift changing area with a sheet and clothesline.Instruct kids to change into and out of their swim suits only in that area.Include towels, simple hooks where swimsuits can be hung up to dry, andterrycloth robes to encourage kids to leave behind as much sand as possible.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Confine sandy clothing and beach towels.
Suck it up.

You can expect to spend some time sweeping sand back out the door,but also keep a hand-held rechargeable vacuum cleaner tosuck the sand off furniture and out of corners as soon as you spot it.

How to Keep Sand at the Beach: Use a hand held vacuum to suck up sand in your vacation home.




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