Avalon Fishing Pier

It`s a hot summer day. The parking lot at the Avalon Fishing Pier in Kill Devil Hills is filled to the brim with vehicles of all different makes and models owned by locals and vacationers alike. A local hops out of his beat up Jeep Wrangler and hollers at his buddy whose car bares a license plate with the uppercase letters `OBX` followed by a series of numbers on the bumper. He shouts: "Surf`s up!" and his buddy runs over to the edge of the parking lot to check. This is a common sight at Avalon Fishing Pier, one of the most beloved places for local and area visitors who enjoy surfing and or fishing amongst friends. The latest and newest version of this Outer Banks landmark was constructed in 1958 and made entirely out of wooden materials, which is similar to Kitty Hawk Pier to the north and unlike the North Carolina Aquarium`s Jennette`s Pier to the south. Avalon Fishing Pier`s deck protrudes 696 feet into the Atlantic Ocean and regularly filled with eager anglers of all skill levels and ages who are hoping to land "the big one." Attached to the wooden deck and sitting up on massive wooden pillars whose circumference is larger than your head is a sizeable tackle shop and arcade. The pier is owned and operated by Dare Resorts, Inc. Inside, you can purchase fishing poles as well as string and bait including squid, worms, shrimp heads and non-live bait. The arcade portion of Avalon Fishing Pier is quite impressive considering you wouldn`t think there`d be an arcade inside a small pier on the oceanfront. Challenge your friends to a competitive game of pool or race around a virtual track on one of their newer arcade games. There are also a number of pinball machines as well as shooting and boxing games. On any given day where the waves are considered even somewhat decent, you`ll find an array of surfers catching and riding waves around the pier. The structure has helped shape different sandbars in and around the pier which make for ideal surfing conditions. It`s recommended that you stay at least 100 feet away from the pier for safety reasons - you wouldn`t want to run into one of the hard wooden pillars! Avalon Fishing Pier is headquartered right off beach road (NC 12) across from Awful Arthur`s Raw Bar and Grill in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. It`s open from 5:00 am - 2:00 am during the summer months and in the spring and fall they open at 6:00 am and close when it slows down, usually before 10:00 pm.
Location: Avalon, NC
Phone: (252) 441-7494

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