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1.       CONDITION OF PROPERTY: Owner hereby certifies that Owner’s Property (“Property”) as described in the parties' Exclusive Property Management Agreement (“PMA”) meets or exceeds all building codes, health department regulations, and all other regulatory requirements of governing agencies including all requirements of the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act. Should Seaside Vacations, Inc. (“Seaside”) have direct knowledge that violations exist, Seaside shall notify Owner. Owner shall correct or remedy any violation as quickly as possible. Owner authorizes Seaside to transfer Guest to another replacement rental property if Guest is adversely affected by unsatisfactory condition of accommodations or if repairs cannot be completed on a timely basis after Seaside determines that such repairs are required, based on Seaside’s sole discretion.  It is also agreed that Seaside may negotiate a refund with Guest in the event a Guest is transferred for such reasons or in the event Guest is not transferred and a Property advertised amenity exists that cannot be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.  Owner shall indemnify and hold Seaside harmless from any claims of liability or wrongdoing in the rental of the Property if it should later be determined that the Property does not meet the requirements of governmental authorities or codes.  Seaside is authorized, but not required, to correct any safety defects at Owner’s sole expense upon discovery.  Owner acknowledges that Seaside Vacations does not hold itself out to be knowledgeable in all health and building codes, nor will Seaside inspect the Property to determine whether the Property complies with all such codes, and Seaside’s undertaking to rent the Property does not warrant that the dwelling complies with all such codes.  Owner shall indemnify and hold Seaside harmless for all cost, loss, or expenses that Seaside may incur in the defense of any claim:  (1) made against Seaside that the Property does not comply with any building or health code; and/or (2) based upon personal injury to Guest, property occupant or guest.
3.       INHERENT RISK: Owner understands and acknowledges that the use of the Property by Guest carries with it certain inherent risks. Owner shall bear all losses, costs, and expense resulting from any damage, theft, or other actions by Guest which Seaside is unable to recover.  Seaside shall make reasonable effort to determine damages resulting from Guest occupancy. Seaside is not responsible for costs incurred that:  (a) cannot be reasonably detected; (b) costs caused by normal wear and tear.  
4.       LEASING AND EVICTION:  Owner authorizes Seaside to enter into lease contracts on behalf of the Owner.  Seaside shall use reasonable efforts to collect all rental proceeds due and owing for use of the Property. Seaside reserves the sole right to determine the: (1) suitability of prospective Guests; (2) refuse to reserve accommodations for prospective Guests; and (3) to evict any Guest who, in Seaside’s opinion, will not observe the rules, regulations, restrictions, covenants, and agreements governing the use and enjoyment of the Property and facilities.  

5.       PRE-RESERVATIONS:  Owner authorizes Seaside to take pre-reservations for the following calendar year at the same rate or above current year rates. Such reservations shall be binding to owners and assigns, and Seaside is due commission and fees.
6.       OWNER OCCUPANCY:  Owner may request Seaside to remove specific dates from availability for rentals only if such dates have not already been reserved by Guests at the time the written request is received by Seaside.  Owner shall not request the cancellation of any reservation which has already been booked by Seaside.  Owners and their guests shall observe the same check-in and check-out times as set forth in Seaside’s standard policy for Guest.
7.       OFF MARKET:  If at any time the Property is not available to rent or Seaside finds the Property not in “Rental Ready” condition, Seaside shall take the Property off the market.
8.       PETS:  If Owner permits pets, Seaside shall collect an additional pet fee from Guest.  Seaside shall arrange for the Property to be treated for flea prevention and any additional cleaning that maybe required at Seaside’s expense. 
9.       TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP:  If the Property is listed for sale, Owner shall immediately notify Seaside.  Owner’s Listing Agent shall follow Seaside’s showing policy.  Owner shall immediately notify Seaside if any lender has alleged Owner is in default of any Deed of Trust or if any lender has notified Owner of its intent to exercise any assignment of rents. If Seaside has reason to believe that owner is in default under a Deed of Trust on the Property, then Seaside, in Seaside’s sole discretion, may withhold advance rent until rental has occurred.  If the Property is sold or transferred prior to the expiration date of this agreement, Owner agrees to honor all reservations as required by the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act.  Owner agrees to sell or transfer the Property subject to this agreement and Seaside shall retain its rights to all future reservations. 
10.     NATURAL AND OTHER DISASTERS:  In the event a hurricane, storm, or any other event renders the Property unsafe, unfit, or uninhabitable for a period of time, or results in making the Property unavailable for rental, Seaside is authorized to refund on behalf of Owner all or a prorated portion of advance rents to such extent as Seaside, in its sole discretion, may determine to be fair and reasonable to the Owner and Guest.  In the aftermath of any hurricane, storm, or other event which reasonably could damage the Property or render the Property unsafe, unfit, or uninhabitable, Seaside will determine, at its’ sole discretion, the fitness of habitability of the Property.  In the absence of a written supplemental repair contract to the contrary, Seaside’s responsibility under this Agreement to repair the Property or procure rentals shall cease if the Property has been rendered unsafe, unfit, or uninhabitable until Seaside is satisfied, in its sole discretion, that Owner has properly repaired and restored the Property.  When travel insurance is made available to Guest, there will be no legal liability to refund rent to Guest in the event of an evacuation.  However, reservations made at the time a storm becomes a “Named Event” may not be eligible for travel insurance.  In these cases, Owner agrees to refund rents to any Guest affected by an evacuation.
11.     SECURITY DEPOSIT WAIVER: As part of this Agreement Seaside, at its sole discretion, shall repair or replace damage caused by Guest up to $2,500.00 per reservation.  This Agreement specifically excludes items in disrepair or damage caused by ordinary wear and tear.  Replacement or reimbursement of specific items will be prorated, taking into account the age and condition of the item.  Seaside shall fund any repair or replacement by adding a Security Deposit Waiver Fee into the advertised rate paid by the Guest.  Security deposits may be required for non-family groups, as well as groups using the Property for an event. Owner shall have no interest in any Security Deposit Waiver Fee charged by Seaside and Owner agrees that all Security Deposit Waiver Fees are the sole property of Seaside.
12.    POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Seaside publishes its Guest Policies and Procedures on the Seaside website,, and those policies and Procedures are incorporated herein by reference.  Policies and Procedures listed on this page are intended for general guest guidance and are subject to change at Seaside's sole discretion.
13.     PRE-SEASON INSPECTION.  Seaside shall inspect the Property in the off season to verify the Property meets Seaside’s standards.  Seaside reserves the right, in Seaside’s sole discretion, to correct any deficiencies prior to first rental that have not been addressed by Owner. Seaside is authorized to expend such sums and deduct expended sums from Owner’s account as in Seaside’s sole discretion may be necessary to:  1) make the premises ready to rent, including, without limitation, reasonable repairs and cleaning (including carpet, upholstery, and laundry items); 2) bring the Property into compliance with the advertised description of the Property; 3) correct any recognized health or safety hazards; 4)  maintain lawn/or natural grasses; 5) remove trash or debris from the Property; and 6) maintain outside trash containers to proper standards.  NOTE: Elevators must be inspected annually by a N.C. certified inspector.
14.     UTILITIES:  Owner shall timely pay all utilities for the Property including, without limitation, electric, gas, water, telephone, internet access/WIFI, cable or satellite TV.  Should any utilities terminate for non-payment, Seaside, in its sole discretion, may pay the outstanding utility balance and deduct such amount from the Owner’s account if funds are available.
15.     INSURANCE:  Owner shall carry, at Owner’s expense, comprehensive general public liability insurance against any and all claims or demands whatever arising out of, or in any way connected with the operation, leasing, and maintenance of the Property, which policies shall be written so as to protect Seaside in the same manner as the Owner, and which shall be in the minimum amounts of $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.  Owner agrees to defend, indemnify, and save Seaside harmless from any and all damages, claims, suits, or costs whether for personal injury or otherwise, arising out of Seaside’s management of the Property, except those due to willful negligence on the part of Seaside, whether such claims are filed or damages incurred before or after the termination of this Agreement.  Owner will provide Seaside with proof of insurance coverage indicating that sufficient coverage is in force as described above within 10 days of signing this agreement and each time a policy renews. 
16.     MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS:  Seaside shall, as needed, conduct minor maintenance or repairs on behalf of Owner and charge the cost of the repairs to Owner's account.  Owner agrees to pay Seaside’s published maintenance labor rate.  Seaside shall add an additional service charge to the cost of repairs when using outside contractors to cover coordination and follow-up by Seaside. Seaside shall make every effort to use service personnel specified by Owner, if any.  In the event such person or service vendor does not respond, or cannot perform service or repair in a timely manner, Seaside reserves the right to contact another service professional to complete the repair. A working balance as established in the Annual Addendum shall be retained in Owner’s account to cover all such maintenance expenses. If Owner’s account falls below the minimum working balance, Owner agrees to immediately make a deposit of necessary funds as required. The working balance may also be increased when bills are anticipated to arrive after the end of the month for work completed. For any purchases or repairs in excess of $500.00, Seaside shall attempt to notify Owner for prior approval, with the exception of emergency repairs and replacement of advertised amenities.  Should there be insufficient funds available in the Owner’s account to cover bills presented for payment, Owner agrees to immediately advance funds to cover the amount payable. If a major appliance, an advertised amenity or other significant household items cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time upon notification, as determined by Seaside, the Guest may receive a refund, determined at Seaside’s discretion. If Owner’s expenses exceed Owner’s rental account balance, Owner shall immediately remit to Seaside money to cover said expenses.  In the event Seaside is managing multiple properties for Owner, Owner grants Seaside the authority to transfer funds from one property account to another, in the event of a Guest move or outstanding invoices due.  
17.     POOLS AND HOTTUBS:  If Owner's Property contains pools or hot tubs not serviced by Seaside’s Pool Department, Owner must contract with North Carolina licensed pool and spa vendors. Owner must provide acceptable proof of vendor's pool and spa certification to Seaside.  Should Owner’s outside pool and spa vendor not address a Guest concern within four hours, Seaside shall make arrangement to have the need addressed at Owner’s expense.  Outside pool vendors shall open and close pools and hot tubs based on Seaside’s advertised dates. If Owner offered pool heater becomes inoperable, Guest may be relocated to a home with working pool heat, or refunded an amount determined appropriate by Seaside.  For Owner homes with hot tubs, Owners shall make the hot tub available to Guest.  Seaside shall charge Owner the annual fee identified in the Annual Addendum for weekly coordination and follow up with non-Seaside affiliated pool and spa vendor.  
18.     HOUSEKEEPING:  Seaside will clean the home and change the linens at the Property after the departure of each paid lease.  Seaside will clean and exchange the linens at the Property after each Owner or Owner’s guest stay at Owner’s expense. Owner agrees to notify Seaside (24 hours in advance) if Owner extends Owner’s stay past the scheduled original departure date.
Seaside requires the Property to undergo an annual deep clean performed at Owner’s expense.  If Owner chooses to perform the deep clean, the Property shall be cleaned to the published Seaside Property Appearance Standard (“Standard”).  An inspection will follow any Owner deep clean and, should it not meet the Standard, the Property shall be re-cleaned by Seaside at the Owner’s expense. Deep cleans must be completed to the Standard 30 days prior to first available week. Additional minideep cleans and carpet cleaning/upholstery cleanings that may become necessary, in Seaside’s sole discretion, during the rental season, as determined by Seaside, shall be completed at Owner’s expense.
19.     MARKETING: Seaside shall market Property to potential Guests using a variety of media including, without limitation, print, web, social media, third-party listings sites, and promotional campaigns. The marketing mix will be determined, at Seaside’s sole discretion, based on Seaside’s professional assessment of current market demands. Owner grants Seaside the authority to use the Property for promotional purposes for up to seven (7) days annually only in the event that no occupancy by Owner or guest is scheduled.
20.    LEGAL FEES: Owner shall be responsible for and pay all Owner and Seaside legal fees, attorney fees, costs, and court costs if any action regarding this Property is taken against Owner or Seaside by a third party.
21.    SEVERABILITY:  Should any court or arbiter of competent jurisdiction find any portion of this Agreement invalid, such decision will have no effect upon the validity of the remaining portions of said document.
22.    ARBITRATION STATEMENT: In the event of dispute between the parties to this agreement, the parties understand that they would have had a right or opportunity to litigate disputes through a court and to have a judge or jury decide their case, but they choose to have any disputes resolved through arbitration. Owner and Seaside agree that any claim or dispute between us, and any claim by either of us against any agent, employee, successor, or assign of the other, including, to the full extent permitted by applicable law, third parties who are not signatories to this agreement, whether related to this agreement or otherwise, including past, present, and future claims and disputes, and including any dispute as to the validity or applicability of this arbitration clause, shall be resolved by binding arbitration. The arbitrator shall be a retired judge or justice, or an attorney certified to conduct mediations with the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission, unless the parties mutually agree to a different arbitrator, who shall render an award in accordance with substantive North Carolina Law. In all other respects, the arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the North Carolina Revised Uniform Arbitration Act. The place of arbitration shall be Dare County, North Carolina. North Carolina 
law shall apply. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.  Any other legal action may only be instituted in the District or Superior Courts of Dare County, North Carolina.
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. Owner agrees to abide by all laws including, but not limited to, the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act, and further agrees to abide by any required changes in this Agreement mandated by North Carolina law or rules or regulations mandated by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. 
23.     ASSIGNMENT:  Subject to the restrictions contained in any addendum to this Agreement, either party may assign this Agreement and any related agreements, including the parties' Exclusive Property Management Agreement, without the consent of the other party..