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Whether you are having rainy weather during your week at your Outer Banks vacation home or you have an upcoming vacation and your kids just can't seem to keep their anticipation in check (we totally get it!), beach themed crafts are a great way to stay connected to the beach and occupy little minds and hands while letting them explore their creativity! If you're looking for the perfect afternoon project, try one of these beach themed crafts:

Personalized Seashells

A personalized seashell is the perfect way to display your kid's new beach treasure! Not only do you get to find the perfect shell (which is fun in itself), the creative potential to this craft is unlimited. Grab some paint, glue, glitter, etc. and let your kid go crazy! Plus, if you gather enough shells, you can give them away as gifts to relatives for the holidays as a momentous keepsake! 

Sand-Filled Bottles

When you love the beach but live far away, having a little bit of the beach in your own room can be special! Try finding a clear glass jar (any size or shape you want) and then let your kid fill it up with some dry sand and little pebbles and seashells. Then, they can take back a piece of the beach with them. For a really creative, layered look, you can even get colored sand from a craft store and mix it in with the real sand!

Seashell Critters

This is a similar craft to the personalized seashell but this time, you embrace the natural shapes of the shells and glue on some fun features like googly eyes and little hats! You can find these in the gift shops but they are so much more fun to make yourself! Plus, it's great to see how creative your child can get! Clams, turtles, and crabs are all really good critters to start with.

Summer Journal

This craft is dual purpose - a fun craft AND a special place to record summer memories! At the start of summer, get some plain journals with solid covers for each child. Also pick up some paint, glue, glitter, markers or even foam shapes and let them go wild! Not only do they get to decorate their journal to their liking, they then can make notes and write memories of all the places you travel over summer vacation - especially the Outer Banks!

Summer Vacation Stationery

This craft is a lot like the summer journal except this time, the kids get to make their own stationery to write notes, send letters, or record special memories! For stationary, markers, stickers, and even stamps work best so the paper itself is still easy enough to write in - and easy to fold up and mail in case they want to send a letter to a relative while they are on the Outer Banks!