Vacation Tips: Group Travel Made Easy

Whether you're planning a family reunion, girls or guys getaway, volunteer group,educational getaway,business group or any other special group travel, the Outer Banks of North Carolina provides the perfect getaway for a memorable vacation experience.

So, don’t let the hassle of planning a group vacation on the Outer Banks dim your experience. By following our tips, from choosing your accommodations to delegating pre-vacation tasks, these group travel tips are just what you need to make your Outer Banks vacation successful. And, when you're ready to book your trip remember to let Seaside Vacations help make your Outer Banks vacation easy, affordable, and hassle free!

Make your group travel experience go smoothly and avoid the hassles by using some of these great group travel tips.

Clearly communicate what you’re looking for before the trip.

If your idea of a perfect day is laying on the beach while your best friend thinks you’re going to spend ten hours a day seeing the sights, you’re bound to run into problems.

Talk budget before you go.

Many vacations can be too expensive for a single family but when the costs are split between one, two or even three other families, a vacation can become quite affordable!

However, first and foremost, know for certain what you are willing to spend. Be familiar with the limits and options of your budget. This way you can plan your activities and the extent of your traveling wisely and carefully. You can get the most out of the finances you are able to spend, and you will nothave to worry about overspending. If you agree as a group on your budget, you also can prevent problems later.

Want to go on a group vacation but you're afraid you can't afford it? No problem! Seaside Vacations offers a Vacation Layaway Program that offers you up to 11 months to pay, interest free!

Choose your accommodations.

With group travel, staying in an Outer Banks vacation rental makes perfect sense. You’ll enjoy space, privacy, multiple rooms, fully appointed kitchens and baths, and other thoughtful details of home, including:

  • Homes ranging from cozy 1-bedroom condominiums to large private 10-bedroom
  • Complimentary linens and towels
  • Fully appointed kitchens and baths
  • Washer and dryer
  • State-of-the-art amenities such as HD televisions, WiFi, recreation rooms, elevators, hot tubs and private pools

With the entire group sharing the cost, it’s even more affordable to enjoy larger accommodations. And with our large selection ofOuter Banks vacation homes, you can even request homes that are near each other.

Take each individual seriously and get everyone involved.

The bigger your group, the harder it is to please everyone – but that doesn’t mean you should disregard what other people want just because it’s hard to accomplish. It's important to let each person get his or her say in. If they all feel included in the planning process, they will definitely enjoy the tripmore and take pride in it if it is a success. And though it may be hard to agree, don’t give up! It is possible to compromise and find a vacation home and a variety of Outer Banks activities that everyone will enjoy.


If you’re the one planning the vacation, don’t let the whole brunt of the trip be thrust onto your shoulders. Let others in the group help. They can do research, they can pack, and they can do a lot to help you. Planning a group vacation is a big task and, if everyone is to enjoy the results, they should pitch in with the preparation. Don’t feel bad if you ask them to help a little. Working towards a common goal brings about a sense of teamwork and also creates satisfaction in the end result. They will appreciate the trip more if they know what all goes into making it happen.

Understand that it’s okay to split up.

Group travel is a fantastic way to experience exciting new things and have someone to share the adventure with. Traveling with people can heighten your enjoyment of the places you travel to, as well as increase the fun. However, no matter how patient and social you are, everyone needs a little time by themselves to relax and catch their breath. If you miss this time it can dampen the whole experience. It is important that you get some alone time when traveling in a group.

Be flexible.

Things happen, detours come up, and plans continually change. Don’t stress, just go with the flow and try to have a good time whatever happens. If you keep an optimistic attitude, even hiking in the rain can be a fun and exciting adventure. You probably know from experience that you can never plan every detail. It’s true that the more thorough preparation you have, there’s a smaller likelihood of mishap. However, don’t let it ruin your day if something unexpected throws off your plans. Be flexible and have fun.

If you keep in mind these helpful tips, your group travel experience will go smoothly, be less stressful, and be greatly enjoyed by everyone.

Looking for some ideas for group travel? Whether you're the adventurous type or you just want to get away from it all with your gal pals, check out our Outer Banks Trip Planners page for different "theme" ideas for group travel.

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