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We love guests of all shapes and sizes – especially kids! And with our Seaside Kids program, traveling to the Outer Banks with your entire family has never been easier. Check out our coloring pages and games to keep everyone busy in the car on the way in or on a rainy day inside! And don't forget to ask for recommendations on activities and fun things to do that will have your kiddo making memories to last a lifetime. We know an Outer Banks vacation is one-of-a-kind and our goal is to make each young guest feel special while creating fond memories of Outer Banks adventures that they will carry into adulthood.

Check out our Homeschool Outer Banks Trip Planner for homeschooling on the go and our guide to Visiting the Outer Banks with Young Children for ways to make your next Outer Banks vacation fun, unforgettable, and best of all, hassle-free.

We offer the following amenities and services to make your family vacation a little easier:

  • A list of kid-friendly activities in the area including activities, amusements, restaurants as well as educational opportunities
  • Coloring pages, puzzles and word activities, mad libs, road trip games and beach-themed crafts

In addition, Seaside Vacations staff help you/guide you with making arrangements for the following services:

  • Babysitting services
  • Rental of additional items such as strollers, beach umbrellas, beach carts, etc.

Kill Devil Hills Splash Pad

If you're looking for something fun to do while you wait for check-in time, head on over to the new (2023) splash pad in Kill Devil Hills! The splash pad at Meekins Field Park is the first of its kind in Dare County and is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, from 10AM to 7PM.

Splash Pad Address:
1634 N. Croatan Highway
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Coloring Pages

From sandcastles to pirate ships, little hands will make light work of these fun "beachy" coloring pages.

Puzzles & Word Activities

Whether you're stuck in traffic or looking for something to pass the time on the beach, puzzles, word searches and other word games are a great way to pass the time and give your brain a good workout!

Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a fun and silly way to keep your reading-age kids entertained on a long trip. You can make up your own or try the ones listed below. Give your kids the worksheets, have them come up with nouns, verbs and adjectives to fill them in, and then have them read their new stories aloud to one another.

Beach-Themed Crafts

Looking for activities for the kids this summer? Try some of these great summer crafts that will be a daily reminder of the wonderful time they had on their Outer Banks vacation.

Personalized Seashell
Here's a great way for kids to save their treasures from the beach all in one place! Display the final product on a bookshelf or nightstand in your child's room. 

Sand-Filled Bottles
Take a bit of the Outer Banks home with you by making these cool sand-filled bottles. 

Seashell Critters
Save the shells you find on the beach and make these adorable little seashell critters. 

Summer Journal
Help kids create this simple journal to keep track of the family vacation to the Outer Banks. 

Summer Vacation Stationery
Kids will love this project that allows them to personalize their own letters about their Outer Banks vacation. 

Beach Themed Crafts

Road Trip Games

The car is packed and you're about to set off on your Outer Banks vacation. The only thing standing in your way is hours in a crowded car - with kids asking, "Are we there yet?" How can you keep everyone entertained and maintain your sanity until you reach your Outer Banks vacation home? Some fun and easy road trip games just might do the trick.

The Geography Game
Help your kids refresh their geography lessons while on the road with the geography game. 

The Grocery Game
A good way to keep everyone in the car entertained and engaged is to play a memory game such as The Grocery Game. 

I Spy
To play I Spy, a classic travel game, one person in the car will choose an object around them. He or she then gives the other people in the car a clue by saying: "I spy with my little eye, something…."

Team Storytelling
Inspire your family’s creative side by creating a group story. Someone begins by creating one line to a story (for example, "There once was a prince under a curse…") and each person must add one line to the story as you go.

Travel Scavenger Hunt
Keep children occupied with a travel scavenger hunt. Compile a list of objects for each child to find along the road.

Who Am I?
Play the guessing game Who Am I? - a fun variation of the very popular guessing game "20 Questions."

Road Trip Games