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29 Aug 2019
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Local Recommendations

Whenever my friends and family talk about visiting, they ask me when they should make travel arrangements and what experiences are really worth their money. When it comes to a beach vacation, most people assume 2 things: 1) they should come during the summer and 2) engaging in local activities will cost a lot of money. It’s true that summer is a great time to come to the beach... but it's not the only great time. It's also true that when you’re already spending a lot on travel, lodging and food, it can be hard to shell out extra cash on a local attraction.

However, as a lifelong local of the Outer Banks, I have learned that the most enjoyable activities here on the OBX are the ones that cost very little and can be done regardless of the season. In fact, some of the most memorable activities unique to the area will cost you nothing at all but will give you a whole lot in return. Here is my Outer Banks Bucket List of 18 Must-Dos for your next visit to the Outer Banks:

1. Watch the sunrise over the ocean

2. Go beachcombing

3. Go fishing

4. Go birdwatching

5. Look for wild horses

6. Fly a kite

7. Swim in the ocean

8. Take an evening stroll on the beach

9. Visit a lighthouse

10. Hike a local trail

11. Build a sandcastle with your kids

12. Have a bonfire on the beach at night under the stars

13. Grill out with friends and family

14. Climb Jockey's Ridge

15. Take the ferry to Ocracoke Island

16. Look for dolphins

17. Take a silly family photo

18. Watch the sunset over the sound