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Waterfront Dining Blog

With all of the amazing waterfront restaurants up and down the beach, there are plenty of options for enjoying a delicious waterfront meal with an unbelievable view. Before you make plans for your next vacation dinner, check out our list of the top places for outdoor summer dining on the Outer Banks!

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With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious beach snacks that will keep you satisfied and ready for your Seaside Vacations adventures. Keep reading for some fantastic snack ideas that are both nourishing and perfect for your next Outer Banks beach getaway.

Farmer's Markets on the Outer Banks

Here is a list of the farmer's markets up and down the Outer Banks throughout the year! Many are exclusive to the summer, though the holiday season in November and December has its fair share of markets if you're looking for the ultimate Christmas present.

OBX Holiday Menu Idea - Red Sky’s Famous Shrimp N’ Grits

With this delicious recipe from the Red Sky Cafe, you can bring a little bit of the south and the beach to your holiday table this year. This is a fantastic recipe you can fix anywhere, whether you're stuck at home dreaming of the beach or you're craving fresh, local seafood to enjoy from the comfort of your holiday vacation rental!