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1 Jun 2023
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As summer approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate our long-awaited Outer Banks beach vacation. While soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, and exploring all the exciting watersports and fun activities that make the Outer Banks special, it's essential to stay fueled and energized. However, this doesn't mean you have to compromise on your health and nutrition on vacation. With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious beach snacks that will keep you satisfied and ready for your Seaside Vacations adventures. Keep reading for some fantastic snack ideas that are both nourishing and perfect for your next Outer Banks beach getaway.

Fresh Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers with fresh fruit are a fun, delish way to stay hydrated at the beach! Get a pack of wooden skewers from your nearest grocery store and fill them with a variety of chopped, fresh fruit such as watermelon or cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, and berries. Not only do these treats have a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to give you all the energy you're going to need while playing in the surf, sand, and sun, but they're also a guilt-free treat that is delicious and good for you! Splurging on vacation can also look like a delicious piece of watermelon eaten in the sunshine.

Veggie Wraps

If you're looking for something a little more filling, consider making up some veggie wraps ahead of time and packing them in the cooler for when those mid-day munchies hit. Use whole-grain tortillas for extra fiber (or Keto wraps if you're cutting carbs) and fill them with fresh, crunchy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, and tomatoes. Instead of using mayo or a high-calorie salad dressing that might sit heavy once the sun starts getting hot in the afternoon, add some hummus or avocado to your wraps to keep things creamy without giving you a stomach ache. Your kids will love the chance to eat on the go and the balance of carbs, fiber, and essential nutrients will keep everyone playing strong until dinner.

Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mix is an easy and versatile snack that is sure to survive a trip to the beach. Choose on that offers a good balance of healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates while still giving you and your family a boost of energy while you satisfy that urge to snack. Many options can also withstand the heat pretty well, just choose one without chocolate candies or keep it in your cooler to avoid a mess. For an even more cost efficient option, make your own! Include almonds, walmuts, and cashews along with dried fruit or roasted chickpeas. Cheerios, cheese crackers, and other salty bits also make for great trail mix additions.

Staff Tip: Make "Neverending Trail Mix." Start with a large container and fill it with your favorite base trail mix ingredients. As it starts to run low, just add something different each time. This way you'll not only always have a healthy snack on hand, but you'll also never get bored. This is something fun to do when you get back home, too!


This one is super easy, but also absolutely delicious, low-calorie, and crunchy for those snack-time cravings! Pop a bag of popcorn at your vacation rental and bring it along in an airtight container or grab a bag of pre-popped popcorn from the store. Either way you go about it, there are plenty of brands that are sure to give you that delicious movie theater crunch without the extra butter or grease. When you bring your own, you can also experiment with different flavorings! Try adding nutritional yeast, which gives your popcorn an umami cheesy flavor, paprika, or parmesan. For something sweet, cinnamon and nutmeg are great additions if you're looking for a healthy alternative to kettle corn. Bring this to the beach and you'll always have a delicious snack to keep everyone happy while building sandcastles or looking for shells.

Crackers or Pretzels

Crackers or pretzels are a go-to for snacking whether you're at the beach, visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial, or watching the sunset from Jockey's Ridge. These lightweight snacks are perfect for travel and they provide a low-calorie way to get that salty crunch without all the grease from a bag of chips. Make this a well-rounded snack including carbs, far, and protein when you add peanut butter, sun butter, or your favorite cheese.

Jerky (Beef or Vegetarian)

Jerky is great all-around. It's sweet, salty, and tangy with lots of protein and no refrigeration required. The protein from jerky will keep you satisfied through all your Outer Banks adventures so you can head out onto the water for an intense windsurfing session without having to worry about your stomach grumbling. Beef jerky is definitely a classic, but don't discount vegan jerkies. Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky is a delicious meat alternative while Louisville Vegan Jerky is currently taking the vegan community by storm with their various flavors that definitely feel like the real thing.

Staff Pick: For something a little more convenient while you're out and about, Walmart usually has Beyond Meat Jerky, which is really delicious and easy to grab at the check-out.

Frozen Fruit

Last, but certainly not least, this picnic staple is ideal for your next trip to the Outer Banks! Frozen fruit is the perfect snack because it stays cold for a long time and even when it thaws out, it's still a delicious, healthy, sweet treat. Frozen grapes are definitely the standard, but frozen pineapple and frozen strawberries are a fantastic way for the kids to cool off during that July beach vacation while keeping them hydrated, healthy, and ready to go back for more. Be sure to freeze a couple of water bottles before hand, as well. This will keep your snacks and drinks chilled, ensure you always have cold water on hand as the ice melts, and they're great for helping you cool off by simply placing the semi-thawed bottles on your face or neck.

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When it comes to beach snacks, it's possible to strike a balance between health and flavor. By packing these healthy and delicious options, you can fuel your body with nourishing ingredients while enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and don't forget the sunscreen! Enjoy your beach vacation while nourishing your body with these tasty and nutritious snacks. 

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