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After you've spent plenty of time surfing the waves and learning about the centuries of amazing history on the Outer Banks, check out these fantastic local spots that are perfect for scratching that hiking itch during your next Outer Banks vacation. Multiple hiking trails up and down the Outer Banks offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the flora and fauna of the Outer Banks.

OBX Nocturnal Wildlife Teaser against shadows of elk and boar in forest.

Check out our list of some of the more well-known nocturnal animals that you might see if you’re out after dark during your stay.

Plants of the Outer Banks Title on a green background surrounded by leaves.

Below you'll find a list of the many different types of plants that you'll find on the Outer Banks, some native and others invasive. Keep reading so that you'll be able to identify and name some of the most common fauna on the Outer Banks on your next OBX vacation adventure!

How to Protect Outer Banks Beaches Teaser

Here are some things that you can do both while on vacation and once you’re back home to help protect and restore the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks!

Tan background, text: Birdwatching, Photo of a finch against blurred background

Keep reading for more information about the species of birds that you’ll find on the Outer Banks, the best times of year to travel to the OBX for birdwatching, and some tips and tricks for your next birdwatching adventure.

Outer Banks Sea Turtles

All five of the sea turtle species that visit the Outer Banks are considered endangered under the Endangered Species Act, meaning that it is illegal to attempt to harm them or their eggs. Keep reading to find out more about nesting season on the Outer Banks, conservation efforts, and what you can do to help keep these sea turtles safe.

Stargazing on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is known as one of the best areas on the east coast for stargazing thanks to low light pollution. See our guide to Outer Banks stargazing!

Sea Glass Teaser

Looking for beautiful sea glass washed up on the beach is one of the many fun things to do on the Outer Banks and makes a unique souvenir to remember your seaside vacation!

Did you know that there are coral reefs off the coast of the Outer Banks? Artificial reefs are in our beautiful water maintaining marine life and keeping our ocean healthy. With our amazing water comes our amazing beaches where we have vacationers come from all over to enjoy! It is so important for you to wear sun protectant when you head to be beach, but it is just as important for it to be coral reef friendly!

Kitty Hawk Kites & Surfrider Foundation Outer Banks Socially Distanced Beach Clean-Up

Join our Club Seaside member, Kitty Hawk Kites, as they partner with the Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation to host another beach cleanup on Saturday, November 14! Beach clean-ups are a great way to get involved with the local community while helping preserve the natural beauty...