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One of the things that makes the Outer Banks just so special is the abundance of nature and wildlife. However, as the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, it is more important than ever to consider sustainable choices when planning our vacations. Join us as we explore how to enjoy a greener Outer Banks vacation by making responsible choices that minimize our environmental footprint.

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From pulsating beats at beachside stages to intimate performances in charming venues, here are the music festivals on the Outer Banks that you will not want to miss! Explore the thriving festival culture that brings locals and visitors together, celebrating the universal language of music.

The Outer Banks has multiple spas, wellness centers, and yoga studios to help you unwind and relax on your next OBX vacation. Read our list for recommendations!

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With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious beach snacks that will keep you satisfied and ready for your Seaside Vacations adventures. Keep reading for some fantastic snack ideas that are both nourishing and perfect for your next Outer Banks beach getaway.