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3 Jun 2021
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As much as we would love for you to stay in the OBX with us, we know that all vacations come to an end. Don't worry! We've compiled a fun list of ideas of how you can bring the beach home with you while we wait for your next vacation here!

No matter how long your stay is, it's always hard to say goodbye. Your experience is one that you will cherish forever, so why not bring home a piece of it? The Outer Banks is a unique and magical vacation destination filled with treasures for you and your family to enjoy all year round! Here are our ways to help you feel like you're still on vacation even from your home!

OBX Art Studio

If you're a do it yourself-er and looking to bring the memories home with you, check out the OBX Art Studio! Fun for the whole family, this studio lets you make memories and then save them forever! You and your family can choose from a wide variety of pottery or a canvas and create art that's uniquely yours!

As a Seaside guest, you'll even be able to take 20% off of your chosen pottery piece! Learn more about this deal here. All ages are welcome, and there is a wide range of bisqueware for you to choose to paint! Let those creative juices flow and spend some time at the OBX Art Studio!

Family Portrait

Photos last a lifetime! Who wouldn't love a family photo at the place where they had the best memories - their Seaside Vacations rental home! The photographer, Brooke Mayo, loves to capture life's real moments in the place you feel the happiest. Bring the whole family over (including any doggies!) and enjoy an hour-long session! 

If you mention "Club Seaside" while making your reservation a week in advance, then you can receive a special rate! Learn more about this deal here. To reserve your spot, email Brooke Mayo Photography at Enjoy those precious vacation moments all year round!

Seagreen Gallery

If you're into finding your own treasures, take a peek inside Seagreen Gallery! With creations made by local artists and unique finds from all different areas of the world, everyone can easily find a thing or two (or three!) that they love! Art takes many forms in this store; from garden decorations to driftwood to crystals, they have it all!

With a motto of "the fine art of reuse" you know you're about to see some incredible items! Sea glass and metals are reworked into beautiful pieces that will make your home feel more like the Outer Banks. It's also a great place to find a unique gift for a loved one back home! With so many new items being added, it's definitely a store you need to visit every trip!

Muse Originals OBX

This is an art gallery on wheels! Check out handmade gifts and pieces from local artists. If you're looking for an OBX gift, this is as local as it gets! Find them at events all over the Outer Banks and at different restaurants you and your family can enjoy while supporting local artists, chefs, writers, and more!

Check out their bus schedule on their website here. It's a perfect way to spend an evening in the Outer Banks. From special OBX Sauce to a variety of books, this is one bus you need to catch! 

Outer Barks

Looking to bring back treats for your furry friends to enjoy while at home? Head on over to Outer Barks in Duck! This on-site bakery is a must-visit for all dog-lovers and their fur babies (yes - they can come, too!). With a variety of freshly baked treats and different chews all made in the USA, your pup is sure to be a happy camper! Have cats at home, too? This store has them covered with all the goodies and toys you could need to bring that OBX life back to them!

Outer Barks also has pet-lover items perfect for you to purchase as well! In addition to all of the amazing stuff in the store, Outer Barks ships orders to you if your pet runs out of treats before you plan to head back to the OBX! Order online through their website. 

Dowdy Park Farmer's Market

Every Thursday till September 9th from 9 AM to 1 PM, this incredible farmer's market happens at Dowdy Park in Nags Head. This isn't any regular market, though! From fresh veggies to handmade bags and personalized jewelry, they have it all! It is surely an event you won't want to miss! Enjoy the morning sun and find a vendor whose style matches your own.

Shopping local does so much more for the community than you would think! Local farmers, crafters, artists, and bakers come together to share their treasures and treats in this hot spot. Entrepreneurs of all ages are included in this year's vendor list, with about half a dozen being 14 to 18 years old! If you would love to bring home an item with a story to tell behind it, the Dowdy Park Farmer’s Market would be perfect.

With so many unique and fun things offered in the Outer Banks, you will definitely find the perfect piece to bring back in your suitcase. No matter how you choose to bring the beach home with you, Seaside Vacations will always be here to welcome you back!