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26 Jan 2022
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Property Management

With a beach vacation home full of wonderful amenities, there are bound to be mishaps every once in a while. Appliances will require maintenance and equipment will need to be replaced. However, with some minor safety upgrades, you can decrease the likelihood of property-related injuries to guests in your home. 

Be Meticulous About Your Smoke Alarms

It’s no secret that having optimal smoke alarms is crucial to ensuring the safety of guests in your home. Today, smoke alarms require more attention than simply replacing the batteries when needed. Studies show smoke alarms become less reliable with every year of age. While we’re not suggesting you replace them every year, you should make sure all your alarms are less than ten years old. As a part of our annual tune-ups, our maintenance department will check and replace your alarm batteries once per year. We also recommend checking them yourself at least once a year as well. When it’s time to upgrade, it’s best to purchase alarms with dual detectors (ionized and photoelectric), for these rank the highest by Consumer Reports. In the event of a fire, having interconnected smoke alarms can ensure communication to all parts of the home.

Easy Maintenance for Fall Prevention

We all know accidents happen, but it’s best that they not be a result of overdue maintenance to your property. Make sure all walkways, indoor and outdoor, are well-lit and easy to navigate. Staircase handrails should be installed in accordance with International Building Code Standards. While we try and check carpets on a weekly basis, it’s still a good idea to keep a watch over your own whenever you’re in the home, just in case we miss any turned-up corners that could potentially trip your guests. We also recommend keeping an eye on your bed platforms to ensure they aren’t weak or drooping low. The main fall prevention method you want to watch for is deck safety, for these are where many slips can happen. It’s pertinent to have your deck inspected once a year to ensure safe conditions for your guests. 

“Bonus” and “Extra” Items To Keep an Eye On

Some of the most preferred features of a vacation home are the “extra” amenities. These are bonus items like bikes, grills, kayaks, and fire pits that provide guests with everything they need for a hassle-free vacation. While these are certainly good choices to raise your rental’s appeal, there are safety precautions to consider when including these in the home. Be sure to provide helmets that are easy to locate near the bikes. Grills should be three feet from walls and structures that can catch fire and have at least nine feet of overhead clearance. For kayaks, be sure to provide life jackets for the number of users your kayak allows. Lastly, fire pits need to be installed at least 20 feet away from the home.

Your vacation home is meant to be a fun-filled retreat for your guests and a worry-free source of income for you. While no home is without the occasional mishap, many are preventable with proper upkeep and attention. By applying these upgrades, we’re confident you’ll rest easier knowing your guests are happy, safe, and always planning to revisit!


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