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12 Jan 2022
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Property Management

Since the presence of COVID-19 is still a serious threat, vacationers are avoiding hotels and booking more rental homes. A group or family would much rather enjoy their vacation together in a private residence instead of a hotel filled with strangers. While this is certainly a positive for you (since more people are opting for vacation homes) it creates more competition between vacation homeowners. In this article, we’ll introduce you to modern kitchen renovation suggestions to help your home stand out and stay booked!


Brighter Design Options for a More Comforting Kitchen

We’ve all seen the trends of farm-style kitchens with barrel sinks and weathered dark, wooden cabinets. While this and other niche styles may create more praise for your personal kitchens, they may not be the best route for attracting more renters for your vacation home. Overall, more people are searching for places that are bright and sleek—they appear more sanitary than weathered niche or outdated, dark designs. Choosing a brighter countertop and backsplash can create a vivid ambiance. A dingy, outdated countertop may make potential renters question how many others have stayed there. Also, maybe opt for porcelain over marble, since porcelain absorbs bacteria!

Vintage and outdated cabinets have their place in certain kitchen designs, but they may not be the best choice for your beach vacation home. People flock to Outer Banks beaches to relax and recharge. While dark, weathered cabinets may be a popular niche choice, choosing white or light colors can create a soft and soothing ambiance that perfectly matches restful times spent in an OBX vacation home. When renters leave your home, they’ll associate it with peace and tranquility, while they begin planning their next visit! 


Upgrades to Improve Functionality and Sanitation

You may believe some kitchen elements don’t improve or negate the overall ambiance. However, just because functional elements like faucets and stovetops still operate well, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade them to improve your guests’ experiences. It’s easy to see why a 6 burner stove is more efficient when cooking for a group of 10 or more! And it’s probably not a bad idea to keep your kitchen stocked with modern hardware and utensils. Since being more sanitary improves any product these days, installing a touchless faucet can surely be a selling point for all potential renters! 


Improving Your Home’s Character Through Your Kitchen’s Atmosphere

While flawless functionality is always a kitchen’s main appeal, the atmosphere it emits can significantly negate or enhance a home’s allure. Many have all the necessary appliances and cookware, but also have designs that are generic and easily overlooked. But a kitchen that expertly combines lustrous steel, calming cabinet colors, and unique counters will surely impress anyone who sees it. You know your living room’s ambiance is important. You’re well aware your bedrooms should be designed with calm and comfort in mind. Why not give your kitchen a little attention to perfect your home’s atmosphere? We suggest investing in these modern kitchen upgrades as a way to keep your home filled with happy guests, year-round! 


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