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18 Nov 2022
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Outer Banks Weekend Mindfulness - Painting of woman meditating on the beach.
As we approach the end of the year, we know that the holidays can be a stressful time. So to help with that, Seaside Vacations is going to post weekly Outer Banks Weekend Mindfulness when we'll help you recapture that zen you get from vacationing on the Outer Banks.

This weekend, let's take a moment to appreciate how unique our Outer Banks Zen is for each of us! For some, it's the sound of the crashing waves on the sand, while for others, we find out Zen birdwatching or enjoying a delicious meal with the people we love.

No matter your Outer Banks Zen, take a moment today, wherever you are, to imagine yourself back on the Outer Banks. Picture the birds flying over the water and the sound of the waves in your ears. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and taste that delicious seafood from your favorite local restaurant. Now take a deep breath and let that feeling of Outer Banks relaxation wash over you.

That is your Outer Banks Zen. 

Find that moment. Capture it. And carry it with you until you make your way back to the beach.


When you're ready to make your Outer Banks Zen a reality, take a look at our available rentals and book your next Outer Banks vacation today! It's never too early, or too late, to start thinking about your next Outer Banks vacation. So when you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help. Book online or give us a call today and get ready to find your Outer Banks Zen moment!

About the Author: Lauren is a mom, author, and travel enthusiast. She grew up on the Outer Banks and only left for a few years to get her degree at UNC-Chapel Hill and complete a tour in the Coast Guard before making her way back to the beach in 2017. When she isn’t writing for the Seaside Vacations Travel Blog, Lauren can usually be found with a book and cup of tea in hand, planning her next travel adventure.