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12 Jan 2022
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Property Management

We know home improvements can usually be a costly undertaking. We’re sure you want to improve your home’s rental performance through attractive upgrades. However, jumping into costly upgrades isn’t something everyone’s prepared to do. The good news is we’ve discovered simple improvement techniques that won’t break the bank! What’s even better is that we’ve tracked these improvements and seen the success they create in increasing rental performance! 

Proven Upgrades To Better Promote Your Home

  1. The first is simple – splash a little paint around! Outdated colors and/wallpaper can be a big deterrent for increasing renters. Applying a fresh coat of paint can dramatically brighten up your home. Speaking of bright… those are the shades we highly recommend! It is, after all, a beach vacation home, and bright colors are associated with beach homes as much as the sea and sand. 
  2. The next upgrade we recommend is replacing some of the furnishings in your living area. We know, we know – we said you WOULDN’T have to break the bank. If you’re not ready to spend money on new living room furniture, we have a cheaper alternative: purchase some nice covers – especially for sofas. These will create better pictures for us to market your home and, in turn, increase your rental performance. 
  3. Lastly, replacing worn and uncomfortable mattresses can go a long way towards keeping guests comfortable and satisfied, and turning them into repeat renters! One of our top guest complaints is uncomfortable mattresses. Keeping your bedding updated and from appearing old and worn can also provide more comfort and allure. We recommend quilts – they’re easy to wash and tend to last longer than other comforters. 

3 of the Best Long-Term Home Improvements 

Saving money while increasing your rental performance is obviously great. But it’s also important to keep these long-term home improvements in mind for when you’re ready to spend a bit more and really amp up your home’s appeal.

  1. Updating your floors will keep your home looking modern and well-maintained. Worn carpets and wood/laminate flooring can show the age of your home and how many people have stayed there before.
  2. Next, we’d like to reiterate… updating your kitchen with new appliances and cabinets can really tie your home together. A cheaper, but effective route can be removing some of your cabinets and replacing them with shelves for a more modern look! Fun fact: a kitchen is the number one area guests look at when booking reservations.
  3. Lastly, adding a recreational amenity such as a pool, hot tub, or rec room can go a long way towards increasing your rental performance.