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21 Aug 2019
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It’s #wisdomwednesday which means we want to share some coastal-inspired beach wisdom with you! Here are a few of our favorite sayings and quotes to help you get through your day... along with a little advice from the ocean of course!

This might sound more like a New Year’s Resolution but we think it still applies since the year isn’t over yet! Plus, fall is a second summer on the Outer Banks and a great time for a beach vacation so check out our current hot deals and book your 2019 trip while there’s still time!

You might think this quote is obvious but it's really a reminder to take a minute, step out on the sand, and truly soak in that fresh, salty air. Not only will you feel refreshed but some studies suggest the negative ions in ocean air release serotonin helping to boost energy, relieve stress and put you in a good mood!

100%. Absolutely true. Luckily, the Outer Banks can provide both! Perfect for those cooler autumn evenings... you'll love sitting around the crackling fire with friends and family as you listen to the waves breaking in the background. Discover where on the OBX you can have a bonfire on the beach.

In other words, the memories you make on the Outer Banks will last a lifetime. We know that there is nothing sadder than the end of a great beach vacation but on the flip side, there's nothing more exciting than counting down to your next one. If you've already made your annual trip, just remember that the OBX Moments you had here will stay with you forever. Luckily, we're now accepting reservations for 2020 so find your OBX vacation rental and start counting down to next year! (Don't forget about our Vacation Layaway program that helps you make the reservation process hassle-free!)

Whether you visit the Outer Banks to try new watersports adventures, take fishing excursions, sample the local fare, or simply relax from the deck of your beach house with your favorite book, everyone agrees that there is nothing quite as amazing as the ocean. Observing the ocean's natural power and beauty can definitely make us feel like we are experiencing magic and we want you to have that chance. Learn how to access the beach from your rental home.