Have you ever see this on the beach during your vacation?


If you've ever visited North Carolina's Outer Banks then you most likely have ventured across one of these washed up on the beach. What is it? Some sort of evil shrunken crab? An alien pod from outer space?  Could it be sea monster dookie (gross)?  

So what's the Answer?

The answer of course is none of the above.  What you're seeing is actually a Skate egg shell.  Okay, well what is a skate? 

This is a Skate


A Skate is a flat, boneless fish with wings (kind of like fins) on the sides of its body. Skates have whiplike tails that they use as rudders. They might remind you of a Stingray because they are related to the Stingray, and are bottom feeders just like Stingrays.   

Skate Case

The Skate egg shell, or case, is usually 3-4" long.  The pouch is made of keratin, the same stuff that your nails are made of, and has little horn-like projections protruding from each corner.  These horns latch onto objects, such as seaweed, and anchor the egg shell to the ocean floor. When the baby Skate is ready to leave, the shell splits open at one end and the Skate skates on out (yes we went there). The empty shells then wash up on the beach where humans give them all kinds of crazy nicknames such as "mermaid's purse," "sailor's purse," or "devil's pocketbook."  

So the next time you are on an Outer Banks beach and see a little black burnt marshmallow looking object, impress your friends by telling them it is a Skate case. Hopefully they will respond by saying,  "Wow, look at the big brains on you!"  This will make you smile. 

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