Outer Banks Ocean Water Temperatures Month-to-Month

outer banks weather image
We love helping visitors plan the perfect vacation on the Outer Banks and we often get questions about how warm the ocean water temperatures currently are. Since we get so many questions regarding this topic, we’ve decided to put together a post outlining the best months to enjoy the warm ocean waters on the OBX. We figured the easiest way to explain just how warm (on average) ocean water temperatures are is through a table. The numbers below are based on figures from the National Weather Service’s Newport Office.

Max Temperature 51° F
Min Temperature 36° F
Water Temperature 49° F
Precipitation 4.7 inches
Wind 14mph

Max Temperature 54° F
Min Temperature 37° F
Water Temperature 46° F
Precipitation 3.2 inches
Wind 15mph

Max Temperature 60° F 
Min Temperature 43° F
Water Temperature 42° F
Precipitation 4.6 inches
Wind 15mph

Max Temperature 69° F 
Min Temperature 51° F
Water Temperature 59° F
Precipitation 3.1 inches
Wind 14mph

Max Temperature 76
Min Temperature 60
Water Temperature 68
Precipitation 4.2 inches
Wind 13mph

Max Temperature 83 
Min Temperature 68
Water Temperature 74
Precipitation 4.8 inches
Wind 12mph

Max Temperature 86
Min Temperature 72
Water Temperature 78
Precipitation 5.3 inches
Wind 11mph

Max Temperature 85
Min Temperature 72
Water Temperature 80
Precipitation 5.6 inches
Wind 12mph

Max Temperature 81 
Min Temperature 67
Water Temperature 77
Precipitation 4.9 inches
Wind 14mph

Max Temperature 71 
Min Temperature 57
Water Temperature 70
Precipitation 4.1 inches
Wind 14mph

Max Temperature 63
Min Temperature 48
Water Temperature 58
Precipitation 3.4 inches
Wind 14mph

Max Temperature 55
Min Temperature 40
Water Temperature 55
Precipitation 3.7 inches
Wind 15mph

The above weather readings reflect the average temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit), wind velocity (MPH) and precipitation (inches) over a length of ten years at Cape Hatteras. 

After viewing the chart, it's apparent that if you want to take a swim in the Atlantic during your Outer Banks vacation,  then you should definitely plan your visit during the months of May – Oct., Of course, you can still swim in the Atlantic during the other months of the year, but you're probably going to need a wet suit if you don’t want to freeze to death. You can read more about the weather on the OBX by visiting our Outer Banks Weather Information page on our website.

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