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Best OBX Coffee Shops

Out for a day of shopping and need a caffeine boost? Maybe you're leaving your favorite lunch destination and need something sweet? Here on the Outer Banks, we love coffee no matter the season and we have awesome local cafés to prove it! Here, you can get...

Thanksgiving Recipes: Seafood Stuffing

When you hear the word “Thanksgiving,” your mind probably goes straight to a picture of slow-roasted turkey, classic mashed potatoes with gravy and various mouthwatering side items. While it’s true that the traditional Thanksgiving meal does not usually feature seafood, Thanksgiving is actually a great time to...

2019 Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown

Due to our geographical ability to easily obtain fresh seafood and local produce, food culture is often at the center of our celebrations here on the Outer Banks... but who doesn't love a fun food festival? One of the most anticipated food-related events every year is the Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown—a fun, family-friendly celebration of food from all over the state!