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1 Jun 2021
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Vacations are all about taking a break and enjoying time with loved ones, but it's also a great time to step up your Instagram game! You've already packed your cutest outfits, now you just need to find the best backdrops to make your picture POP - and we can help:) We've been there and seen that and know which spots will look the best! We're not talking about monuments or main attractions (but you should definitely go visit those while you're here!); we know less populated areas that will be sure to make you stand out! 

While you're out and about in the OBX, head over to one of these beautiful places to snap a cute vacation picture!

1. Sandy Run Park

Known for its large amount of turtles, this is definitely a stop you need to make on your next vacation! It has a beautiful walking path that goes over both land and water, making it the perfect spot to find a variety of backgrounds. This hidden gem of Kitty Hawk is also pretty quiet in the evening time, allowing you to take pictures in peace.

One of our favorite spots for pictures has got to be in the tall grass! Snap the perfect picture just before sunset when the sun is still above the grass to give you the perfect lighting. Not only is this a great place to take a photo, but it's a perfect spot to breathe in the summer air and enjoy the moment!  Take a lap or two around the park and decide which space is your favorite! With an apparatus for the kids to climb on and  picnic tables to eat at, it's the perfect way to end your evening.

2. Ashley's Expresso Parlour

Another hidden gem that we have in the OBX are the beautiful murals on the side and fences of Ashley's Expresso Parlour & All Time Roasting Co. This fun coffee shop is as artsy on the outside as it is on the inside, and it has more than just coffee! Head inside and enjoy baked goods, bagels, and even milkshakes! 

We love the sunflowers that are painted along the back fence, and this secluded area makes for a perfect photo opportunity! Grab your pals and pose in your beach wear, as this spot in Kill Devil Hills is only a short few blocks from the beach access! This picture perfect location is one you definitely can't miss!

3. Wright Brothers Multi-Use Path

Another gem in Kitty Hawk, the Wright Brothers Multi-Use Path has insane views of the Kitty Hawk Bay! Enjoy an evening stroll with the gorgeous sunset adding vibrant colors on the water next to this walkway. Bring your bikes and get some exercise in before heading to the community pier to snap a picture!

The sound view is one you can’t miss! If you are looking for a sound view with a bit more to do, head over to Duck to walk the water right next to all the fun shops and restaurants! Our hidden spot in Kitty Hawk will allow you a bit more seclusion when trying to take the best photo! The pier is quite hidden amongst the trees and sits right next to the waters edge. With built-in benches, this is a perfect spot to hang out and relax!

4. Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

You can't not take at least one beach picture while visiting the Outer Banks! With miles and miles of beaches, you are sure to find the perfect spot for you and your family! The Pea Island National Refuge is a wonderful location if you want a little more privacy when you take your photos. 

Park in one of the designated parking lots or along the road wherever permitted and discover an area uniquely your own! Spend the day exploring, tanning, shell hunting, and swimming! Bring your camera and a cooler to enjoy the sun and sand!

5. Historic Corolla Park

What’s so great about Historic Corolla Park? You won’t be asking that after you get here! This beautiful park has so many things to do and see. From taking a stroll to get incredible views of the Sound to visiting Whalehead, The OBX Center for Wildlife Education, or The Currituck Beach Lighthouse, there are lots of things to do!

With such an amazing landscape, it is a known venue location in Corolla, NC. We understand why! Come take a look for yourself and see all the different areas that would be an ideal place for a family photo. One of locations that takes the cake has got to be the gazebo over the Sound. As shown in the image, this spot has a gorgeous view of the water, and it’s tucked away for some privacy.

6. Nags Head Woods Preserve

Last, but definitely not least, the Nags Head Woods Preserve has some of the prettiest veiws of the Roanoake Sound and green marshes like you've never seen before! Learn more about Nags Head.

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