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12 Jan 2012
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History & Culture

Did you know that over 2,000 films have been filmed (full or partially) in North Carolina? 2K?! That's impressive. NC is sort of the Kevin Bacon of movie locations...we fit into any role.:)

North Carolina as a whole has a very diverse, and beautiful landscape... not to mention the diverse and interesting cultures and residents. I guess it makes sense; we all love the OBX, so why not Hollywood too? From Wilmington (also known as "Hollywood East") to Lenoir to the Outer Banks, the beautiful, pristine beaches and majestic mountains have been the settings for some noteworthy movies throughout the years. From the east to the west, the diverse landscape in North Carolina can fill in for just about any part of the world, in any time period. Here are a few you may know...

Movies filmed in North Carolina: Hannibal Patch Adams Nell Forrest Gump The Fugitive Last of the Mohicans Mr. Destiny Dirty Dancing Bull Durham Days of Thunder The Swan Shallow Hal The Green Mile Blue Velvet The Color Purple Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood The Secret Life of Bees Weekend at Bernie's The OBX specifically, has had a few films take place on the island, but not necessarily filmed here, and a couple that conducted filming right here...including some locals as extras. :) Nights in Rodanthe is the most recent, and arguably the most well known, and the filming of that movie was a very neat experience for a lot of local residents.

Movies filmed on the Outer Banks: Brainstorm (one scene filmed at The Wright Brothers National Monument) Nights in Rodanthe (filmed in the village of Rodanthe)

Movies filmed on North Carolina beaches: Message in a Bottle (filmed in Wilmington)

Movies set on North Carolina beaches: Dear John (set in Wilmington) Nights in Rodanthe (set in the village of Rodanthe) Message in a Bottle (set on the Outer Banks)

So, what are you waiting for? Come discover why Hollywood loves North Carolina (and the Outer Banks). After all, it's not hard to see how our pristine coastline, southern charm, captivating history, and rich culture have captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere.